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September 27, 2006


If you're a fan of Shane Donovan (who isn't?) or Maxwell Sheffield (if you watched The Nanny, which we...didn't), make sure to tune in/not tune in to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit next week, depending on how disturbed you'll be seeing Charles Shaughnessy playing a sex pervert.

Speaking of sex perverts or, at the very least, dirty whores: if you have not been watching Days this week, you've missed some of the most brilliant moments that Austin Peck has ever been involved in.

After having pity sex with Lucas, whose son was missing, Carrie escaped to the roof where she began making out with Austin; I don't think she even brushed her teeth in between. Lucas, tipped off by EJ, found them and went on one of the world's most glorious rants. Sami, too, got in on the action and read her saintly sister the riot act. Some choice dialogue:

Carrie, how could you? Lucas loves you, and he does everything for you. God, you have him and everyone else fooled with your "little miss perfect" act, and the truth is you are nothing but a cheating whore.

He thought I might want to know about that so I could comfort her and be there for her. But obviously you don't need me 'cause you got your brother-in-law, right -- your brother-in-law to kiss you and make you feel better. You damn bastard!

I...I needed a cigarette when it was over and I don't even smoke. Brilliant.

I've been waiting for Carrie to get called a slut since she cheated on Austin with Mike on a flying carpet more than five years ago. Sami may have castrated a man, committed treason, attempted to sell her sister on the black market, drugged a man, impersonated a man, and falsified paternity tests, but she's not a cheater, damn it. I don't like throwing the slut card around, but if you have sex and then immediately go hook up with your brother-in-law, nothing else fits. Well, I guess it could be whore, harlot, tramp, floozy, hobag--but you catch my drift.

-Promising Ingénue


It pains me to see what they turned Carrie into (does nobody else fondly remember her late-80s flirtation with Jonah, Abe's adorable brother? or what a sweet daughter she was throughout all the Roman face-switching, personality-stealing nonsense? clearly the writers don't). That smackdown was beautiful, and long overdue. I could compile a long list of characters on Days and GH that have more than earned similar verbal bitchslaps, but this one will satiate me for a while.

She's not a cheater! So true! I still have this Days episode on my Tivo a week later! Nothing is more awesome then hearing Sami calling Carrie a cheating whore!!

Love your site by the way!

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