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October 17, 2006

"I Could Not Possibly Care Less" for a Thousand, Alex

Soap Opera Digest's poll of the day asks:

Which GH marriage/coupling would you most like to see saved?

  • Elizabeth and Lucky
  • Alexis and Ric
  • Sam and Jason
  • Dillon and Georgie

A "none of the above" option is noticeably, and regrettably, absent.

Liz and Lucky: Both have cheated - he with the oft-discussed super-skanky Maxie and she with the brain-damaged hitman - after not having been married for long enough to establish themselves as a core couple, plus I'm sorry but though he's cute this guy isn't really Lucky.

Alexis and Ric: Please don't make me detail his stepdaughter nookie, recall his Sonny worship, or further think about how far too good for him Alexis is. (By the way, I'd like to discuss the ambulatory and active demeanor of Alexis, who was comatose and mostly dead like a day and a half ago, but I'm tired, so please remind me to bitch about that later.)

Sam and Jason: I don't think even reuniting would end her whining and crying, they had really run their course as a couple, plus he kills people for a living, so...no.

Dillon and Georgie: These two crazy kids would have been my pick, before they went and got hitched while she was still in high school on account of a monkey virus and then promptly started flirting and/or messing around on each other. (Plus, the new preppified Dillon? Reminds me of reindeer-sweatered Jason Quartermaine, right before The Accident, which of course worries me to no end given these writers' propensity for repetition. Run, Georgie, run!)

This is the current state of GH. I don't want any of the currently-in-peril couplings to survive. Why isn't this show so much better than it is? With its cast, its history, and its extensive wardrobe budget (see, e.g., Liz's handbags)?

-Evil But Twinless


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