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December 20, 2006

Emotions Taking Me Over

When Days aired their shocking revelation--actually, does it count as a shocking revelation if everybody guessed that it was the case?--that EJ Wells is actually Elvis Jr., son of Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera, I went through a flurry of emotions.

DISAPPOINTMENT that the most obvious answer wound up being the correct one (EJ=EJ, of course). I thought Hogan (we're tight like that) would have come up with something shocking.

CONFUSION over how the pleasantly dumb Susan wound up with an evil son. The woman's famous quote was "Mean, mean, mean", for heaven's sake. I'm sure Stefano hijinks were involved, which then led me to HOPE that Kristen somehow finagled a way out of white slavery to escape to England and have a hand in raising Elvis Jr. to be a murderous villain with impeccable bone structure.

I then segued into DESIRE to sing "A Little Less Conversation" to the oh so dreamy James Scott, which caused me to be CONFUSED as to how Susan and Stefano created such an alarmingly handsome son.

He could get it any day of the week.

You know, genetics are a HILARIOUS thing. Apparently, flamboyant hand gestures run in the DiMera family (*insert joke about Italians here*)

Like father, like son!

Mostly, I was EMBARRASSED that Days managed to eclipse the ridiculous Victoria/Nicholas SORASING that made The Young and the Restless so legendary. Can't we let another show have a ridiculous honor for once?!

I do love the fact that EJ is evil, gleefully evil, even, but is treated like a villain, unlike some other shows where hitmen are the moral centerpiece. I also love that Eileen Davidson is free and willing to entertain the possibility of coming back and pleasepleaseplease do it, Eileen, pleasepleaseplease.

Overall, Days is ruling pretty hard right now. Steve and Kayla's real reunion? Awesome. Steve and Bo's reunion? Awesome. Nick Fallon? Awesome. Drake Hogestyn's continued unwavering support to the school of Smell The Fart acting? Even awesomer. Considering the mess that this show was six months ago...I want to send the new writing staff tons of presents.

*Screencaps, as always, courtesy of the awesome and generous Days of Our Lives 2!

-Promising  Ingénue


"Mostly, I was EMBARRASSED that Days managed to eclipse the ridiculous Victoria/Nicholas SORASING that made The Young and the Restless so legendary. Can't we let another show have a ridiculous honor for once?!"

Don't worry Guiding Light has Days beat in this category. This year they SORASed little Leah Bauer. Leah returned from boarding school at 16 year old. How is that worse than EJ. Well, first, Leah is her father's, Rick, second child. His oldest son was born in 2001 and is current on the canvas as a five year old. If that wasn't bad enough Leah was born in 2004! 2004! GL fans knew something was up when Mel and Rick, Leah's parents, started talking about the child being in boarding school. I just shrugged it off to GL financial cut backs, they didnt' want to cast the child of two day players. I certainly couldn't imagine that they were actually going to bring a teen Leah onto the screen and expect us to ignore the fact that her big brother is in kindergarten.

Wow. That is just--I truly have no words. I wonder what producers think when they pull stunts like that. They can't honestly believe that viewers won't notice something like that, so I guess it is just that they don't care. It's so weird, why not just bring in another teen character rather than aging someone that much in such a short span of time?!

By the way...I love your blog. I'm kinda thrilled you responded to my comment--even with the grammar oopsies.

Awww! That is so sweet to hear, thank you so much. I feel all warm and fuzzy!

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