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December 21, 2006

Now They're Just Trying to Piss Me Off

ABC has announced its sequel to the untimely dissing of Julia Barr with the news that they have fired Stuart Damon.

Say it with me, guys: Bull. Shit.

Yes, Alan has been pretty much a nonentity in recent years, but whose fault is that? Not Stuart Damon's. It's the writers who have refused to create storylines for anybody who isn't playing Jason, Sonny, Carly or [Insert name of Jason's girlfriend here]. And that's just not right. The past storylines where Alan was given something to do besides roll his eyes at the wacky goings on in the Quartermaine mansion have been few and far between over the past decade, but the man has been golden in the rare opportunities he's had to shine.

What this comes down to is an enormous lack of respect for a person who has been with this show for 30 years--firing him before his 30th anniversary is really infuriating to me. Alan Quartermaine has been an enormous part of General Hospital's history, from the quad with Monica, Rick and Lesley to assorted affairs, ELQ dealings, acting as Robin's doctor in the Stone AIDS Story, losing his son to the mob and Alan's drug addiction. It just seems so cruel and callous to fire him and to kill Alan off. It's not like he will be given a proper send off; that only happens to people involved in the mob world.

So who else will ABC fire? Jackie Zeman? Michael E. Knight? Susan Lucci? It's not, you know, like people have grown up with these characters and are genuinely interested in them. No, let's not even take advantage of the fact that soap operas have such rich histories. Let's ignore everything that we didn't create. That's totally the way it works!

Sigh. Let's watch some Stuart Damon clips and help me remember that the man is truly too good for the crap this show has become...

  • GH 35th Anniversary Clips
  • With Jason's baby momma Susan Moore
  • Winning the Emmy
  • Saying goodbye to Robin (<--WARNING: THIS MAY BREAK YOUR HEART)
  • -Promising  Ingénue


    It's no more articulate the billionth time I say it about the idiots at ABC Daytime and GH in particular, but . . . motherfuckers. Why don't they just blow up the Q mansion and eliminate the family altogether while they're at it? The Quartermaines have the pesky habit of occasionally distracting attention from the mobsters and their women, and we can't have that.

    All I want for Christmas is Jason in his reindeer sweater back.

    Maybe Days can pick up Stuart Damon as a new Mickey.

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