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December 08, 2006

Random News and Notes

I am getting really anxious to go home and watch Days of Our Lives because I understand that it is a red letter day for Steve and Kayla, which...eeeeeee!!! School and work should be closed in honor of things like this!

In the mean time, I bring you random news and notes in lieu of anything groundbreaking or amusing. I apologize in advance.

From Best Week Ever: Zarf or Mary Cheney?

Soap Opera Digest confirms that old School Philip will be returning as Philip. How very Y&R to recast a recast with a former recast!

Speaking of the Y&R/Days connection, Eileen Davidson's TV Guide Interview pretty much confirms that (a)the powers that be totally screwed her and (b)she rules. And this gave me a jolt of hope:

Davidson: Obviously, I get asked that alot. It's a different writing team now over there, too. My character is out there.... I'm open to anything, but I don't watch Days so I don't know if that would work.

It would work! It would! It would! Hogan, are you taking notes?! Get her back!

In even more Days news, NBC is once again trying the risky gamble of allowing fans to vote to name Hope and Bo's baby. In theory, it's nice of them to involve viewers like this. In practice, we have stupid, stupid names being voted for

  • Bridget Brady--what?! I shouldn't expect anything else for the daughter of Bo Brady, but still
  • Cassidy Brady--I guess it's decent. But only just. And it's so Y&R/Veronica Mars <li>Ciara Brady--only if she comes out of the womb singing "My Goodies", which she very well could, since Hope has been pregnant for three years already
  • Darcy Brady--like Mr. Darcy?
  • Rori Brady--"Let's take the nickname of a much loved character on a popular CW show, and fug it up with a random i! That's the ticket!"
  • Over on ABC, it seems as though they are finally taking baby steps to help save their soaps from drowning in a sea of bad characters and stupid storylines

    ABC SNAPS UP Y&R VETS (ex Y&R HWs Jack Smith & Kay Alden now consulting on all the ABC soaps. Alden is concentrating first on the struggling AMC. Insiders say Smith will be consulting primarily on GH).

    That is awesome. Oh, sure, they sucked as Y&R headwriters, but isn't anything better than Bob Guza and Megan McTavish, including random chimpanzees? They need to be fired and perhaps tarred and feathered...

    -Promising Ingénue


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