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January 17, 2007

A Passionate Cancellation

So, if D-Listed is to be believed, Passions is getting cancelled tomorrow.  I've never seen the show - though of course I've heard about its witches and little people and talking dolls and all that, because who on the internet hasn't? - so I'm really not upset over this.  The fact that it will leave NBC with exactly one soap, Days - which could easily become great or backslide into Crapville at any moment - is a bit worrisome, but whatever.  The most important potential consequence of this development is that according to the previews they run during Days, Passions has a few very hot men that will now need soapy homes.  May I suggest GH and Days, both of which are falling down on the job of providing a steady supply of hot shirtless men?  Dr. Patrick Drake and E.J. Wells can only be expected to shoulder so much responsibility.  Plus, Promising Ingenue and I have already claimed those two, and it's really not fair that there aren't any hotties left for those of you who weren't quick enough on the uptake.

Edited to add
that the cancellation is confirmed.  (Please ignore the multiple usages of "skein" and "femmes" in that article; there's some crazy drugs on the coffee table at Variety, apparently.)

- Evil But Twinless


It's so weird. I thought it would be something on the airwaves forever, regardless of quality, just to annoy me. Much like Everybody Loves Raymond.

All of the hot men should be hired by GH as random day player police officers. Greg Vaughn can't do it alone!

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