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January 17, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

So I am loathe to attempt to challenge Promising Ingenue's excellent submission for today's dumbest dialogue, but there are certain days (or, perhaps more appropriately, Days) that deserve two entries in this category.  Today, on Days, Kate said to Lucas:

Kate:  [...]All of those acheivements?  They mean nothing, in comparison to my children.  I could lose everything and I wouldn't give a damn, as long as I had you, and I had Austin, and I had Billie and Phillip.  I've given my life to you.

That's Kate, the mother of Lucas, Austin, Billie, Phillip, and those twins she apparently doesn't give a crap about, Cassie and Rex.  She's allowed to forget them, but I am forever scarred by having watched the Gemini Twins are-they-or-aren't-they-tattooed-aliens ridiculousness?  I must object.  (I will not address in any detail the additional reason this dialogue is dumb, that being that Kate is a self-centered asshole and it is complete BS that if she lost all her money and power she wouldn't care as long as her widdle babies were still there.  I think if she lost even a quarter of her terrifyingly awful wardrobe she would dope Billie up and drag her back out to turn tricks on the corner if it meant refilling the closets.)

' new writers, we like you, we do, but could you not get a bulletin board or something to keep some basic facts straight?  Just don't bring back the one with "talking dogs are hilarious" and "Sami is an irredeemable bitch who deserves no happiness" pinned on it that the last team left, okay?

- Evil But Twinless


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