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January 29, 2007

We Need Your Help!

Serial Drama has been going through major Austin Peck withdrawl. Life just isn't the same without his vacant stare and wooden line readings in our life. And when we went to read his blog, we saw that his website is currently unavailable! Our foreheads of thought cannot even deal with this tragic turn of events!

So we're wondering if any of you are watching As the World Turns and could perhaps let us know how Mr. Peck is succeeding in a world where he doesn't act alongside former porn stars and talking dogs and Josh Taylor's terrifying face. We're already grateful for any recaps you could provide, and we cross our fingers that ATWT has become the new home of the Duh face.

- Promising Ingénue


Surprisingly he's not terrible. He's playing a bad boy on ATWT, and I was honestly shocked when he showed another emotion besides blank earnestness. Brad (his new character) has just upset his extended family after he made some homophobic jokes. Since his nephew is gay, it didn't go over very well.

Weirdly enough, Brady (who landed on B&B), just got into a fight at a leather bar in Los Angeles. It was a really weird line he tossed off. He still looks like a caveman, though, and his hair is long and greasy now.

They're both having a gay old time on their new gigs, though.

You are my hero! I am going to start recording ATWT because I simply must see him!

I know what you mean about his Austin Reed character, but I'm telling you, he's awesome on ATWT - he's actually pretty much the only reason I still watch that show. His character "Brad" is hilarious...he's doing a bang-up job portraying a slacker goofball.

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