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January 06, 2007

Yay for Family Values

There is so much wrong with everything about GH right now. So much. Like, just off the top of my head (1)Spinelli's continued presence and his insistence on calling Sam "Goddess" (2)Ric not smelling the pot when he walked into Alexis's house (3)The fact that billionaire prince Nikolas has not hired thousands of people or involved the FBI in his son's kidnapping (4)the fact that Sam told her boss she was late to work because she was having sex and so on and so forth, but the thing that made me as brain damaged as Jason was the conversation Sonny had with Michael.

MICHAEL: Jax was supposed to go to career day.

SONNY: Why-wh-wh-why wo-would Jax go to, uh, your career day?

MICHAEL: Mom said that you'd be too busy.

SONNY: I al-always make time for my kids. Always.

MICHAEL: So you'll go?!?!

SONNY: O-of c-c-course I'll go

This show will really stop at nothing in its quest to present Sonny and Jason as totally normal and even upstanding members of society. He's a mobster! He has hired goons following him around! How would he explain those to the children in Michael's class?!

Sure, Jax isn't Michael's biological father--wait, neither is Sonny--or father of any sort, but isn't a corporate raider more appropriate for the classroom than "coffee importer"? Why couldn't Carly go? She's irritating and immoral in her own way, but at least she owns a legal business. Grandma Bobbie could probably go, or maybe their cousin Lucky the cop. But Sonny?! This is not normal. It's just not.

Oh, and this conversation took place mere minutes before Sonny shot Lorenzo in the head. Would he mention that at career day as a side effect of the coffee business?

- Promising Ingénue


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