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February 23, 2007

It's Your Turn!

So, when we started this gig eons ago (2006, for those keeping track; we adhere to the fashion world's sense of time), we kicked it off with a little debate about who was the worst character in daytime. Both because somehow those two are now not only the worst but are among the best characters around, and because we really need more formats in which to vent about things in an organized fashion (believe us, if you could put a spreadsheet on Blogger, they'd be here), we're making The Worst Character In Daytime a regular feature. And you, our dear readers, will help us decide who is truly the worst. Vote now for who sucks more - Sonny or Babe - and tell us why you cast such a momentous internet vote for one of those two wastes of airtime. Or, nominate someone else for the worst character, and we'll take your comments  into consideration the next time we have fun pulling apart every aspect of a fictional person and putting all of the nastiness on the internets for the world to see. It's fun, join in!

Who is the worst character in daytime?
Sonny Corinthos
Babe Carey Chandler
Other  (Name your choice in the comment section!)
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Man, that was a tough one. I voted for Babe, as she is a baby-swiping whore. Which would be fine if she were ever called on it, but she isn't. And did she really trade sexual favors in order to graduate from high school?

However, the WORST character on soaps has to be Ridge or his mother from BB. These two NEVER pay for anything.

Let's not forget that Erica is a baby-thief too.

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