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February 14, 2007

Just So You All Know

I will no longer be posting here, as I have packed my bags to take off and make a full-time job of stalking Jason Thompson.   Because those ABC fan commercial thingies the last couple of days, with him and the first graders?   Sent me over the edge.  He has maximized his hotness and forced me to act.   I WON'T BE IGNORED, Jason!!!

Oh dear, did y'all know stalking is, like, frowned upon and possibly illegal?  They should put that on the web somewhere or something!  I will have to settle for admiring Mr. Thompson from afar, content in the knowledge that when we finally do meet he will fall for me so quickly and thoroughly that I won't have a moment's peace until I agree to be his forever.  Also, he will give Promising Ingenue Peter Bergman's phone number and they will also fall totally in love.  It will be perfect and not at all fictional, just you wait and see!

- Evil But Twinless


That was pretty much the best Valentine's Day present ever! He's so adorable! We will be very happy with him and Peter Bergman in our total real world...

He is dreamy, I couldn't agree with you ladies more. You ladies are just hilarious, I love reading your blog. Your always on target with your critisims and your praise.

Thanks so much for reading! And for agreeing with us, of course. You are very wise.

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