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February 13, 2007

More Like Lynn Marie LAMEham

Lynn Marie Latham was responsible for some of the greatest things that ever happened on Knots Landing. I love Knots Landing in myriad ways, so I am trying to understand how that show could be so gold and her tenure on The Young and the Restless could be so crappy.

Because it is. Crappy. So crappy. It's gotten to the point where I just won't watch it if Jack isn't involved, and they are doing their best to make Jack look both evil and special needs and let me tell you, as a Peter Bergman devotee, it angers me, so watching the show isn't the most pleasant experience one could have. It leads me to nonsensical and slightly obsessive run on sentences!

It's just---it's mind boggling how there could be such an enormous drop in quality, logic and production values all at once. How could anybody involved in the show in any capacity think that things are going smoothly?

This is why it is such a bad idea to have someone as the head writer and executive producer, especially someone who hasn't been with the show for a long period of time, because there is no one there to reign them in. Lynn Marie Latham needs a someone to help her. I mean, it's practically an implosion. All sorts of crap going on at once. I mean, at least when Sonny and Jason are eating the show with their awfulness on GH, there are some positives (Robin/Patrick, the newfound awesomeness of Maxie, and...um...) to balance out the bad. But on Y&R, it's like everything has started to suck all at the same time.


I went through all of the stages of grief when I heard this news. The idea of Y&R without Dru's fierceness and her hats is depressing, but at the same time, this isn't Dru we've been watching lately. It's some horrifically annoying person who acts foolish for no good reason and screeches and is crazy and irrational. That's not the Drucilla that I know and love.

According to Michael Logan, who I loathe for some reason, she's pissed at the lack of an Emmy pre-nom

Did Victoria Rowell quit The Young and the Restless because she didn't feel the love? The fireball actress has released a statement saying she'll exit her role as Dru on April 1. Set sources say she's po'd that she didn't get enough votes from her cast mates to land a spot on the Emmy nomination ballot. And the diva's press agent isn't denying those rumors. Word is, CBS was blindsided by Rowell's announcement, but frankly it's not that hard to write her out.

Can you blame her?! The show pre-nominated Michelle Stafford and Jeanne Cooper. I don't like the direction Phyllis has taken lately, but at least Stafford had a few scenes that she rocked. Jeanne Cooper had a few scenes last year period, and Katherine was hardly even a real character, so I think she should have to share the nomination with Jess Walton since they were attached at the hip all year. Dru was the center of the show!


I have given up trying to understand the logic of this. It just makes no sense to me. If I wanted to watch someone with a gaping mouth and dead eyes, I'd watch flyfishing on the random outdoor sports channel. Christel Khalil is a very nice girl, I'm sure, and I think she's pretty, but she (a)can't act (b)doesn't fit in with her onscreen family (c)has no chemistry with her onscreen husband (d)has zero personality.


Honestly, who cares? I didn't care about her when she was alive, and I sure as hell don't care about her now. I have no idea why the rest of the show is going at warp speed and this stupid story is dragging out until the end of time.


I already watch a show where criminals, attempted murderers and victims of bad plastic surgery act horrible and sanctimonious; I don't need another one.


If I wanted to watch a show centered around a character from The Bold and the Beautiful, I'd watch The Bold and the Beautiful, except for the part where that show sucks. Nothing good has ever come of B&B. Nothing. It has given the world:

  • Hunter Tylo's face
  • Usher
  • In some cultures, producers would get jail time for that.


    If the words "artifact" "Grugeon collection" and "Nazis" sound like they could be an intriguing television show, you are probably already watching a documentary about it all on PBS.

    Any plot that led to Thighs of Death is a bad plot, Lynn Marie. It just is. Even the writing staff at Passions is like, "Yeah, right. That's tooootally lame".


    John, Billy, Ashley and Abby were fired; Traci lives offscreen; Colleen barely acknowledges that she's an Abbott. And the writers seem hellbent on making Jack appear to be the worst human being on the face of the earth. But who cares, they're only an integral part of the show's freaking history.



    I was so excited for the whole "Sheila has Phyllis's Face!" story, because I was so ready to see Michelle Stafford do something besides laugh and bang Nick. But it sucked. I mean, what was Sheila's grand plan? I know she's crazy, but even crazies have some sort of motivation for acting out. There are villains on episodes of Law & Order whose fiendish plots are better explained than this was. And it didn't just suck, it sucked and was then over in fifteen minutes. !!! What's that about? It obviously wasn't pulled because it was going poorly, because we've all seen that LML will hold onto shit plots until they reach the bottom of the ocean, it just...was supposed to end like that. It was so anti-climactic.

    I hate it. I want my show back! Make my show come back! Or at least get rid of Amber and give Peter Bergman my number! I don't ask for much!

    - Promising Ingénue


    Damn, your blog is all kinds of genius. ITA with everything you wrote -- I would also add that turning a supporting character like Brad Carlton (played by an actor who, compared with heavyweights Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, Eileen Davidson, Victoria Rowell, Jess Walton, et al, just ain't all that compelling) into the male lead was a mistake of Frons-like proportions.

    God, seriously! The man can't act, and giving him more opportunities to try to act is just cruel.

    And thank you!

    Lynn Marie Latham is RUINING Young and the Restless. The dialogue is stupid, the stories are way too fast paced, William J. Bell is rolling in his grave at what his beloved show has become.

    William J. Bell is rolling in his grave at what his beloved show has become.

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