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February 12, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

It isn't today's, or even yesterday's (it's from last week or the week before, it's all kind of a blur), but this assholishness by the GH writers deserved its own post, even if belated.

Luke: I like being Mr. Tracy. First time in my life there's a woman in it who pushes me to the edge of my experience. Who challenges me.

It's not possible for me to sum up my rage* about this revisionist, anti-Laura bullshit that's going on.  I like Tracy, and I actually don't mind her and Luke together, but there is no excuse for writing like that.

* Um, just to clarify, this is Soap Rage, which is no way equivalent to Real Life Rage.  Like, my rage about GH's treatment of Laura is miniscule compared to my anger about Dubya's presidency, the lack of international intervention in Darfur, and third world poverty.  I know my posts here might indicate otherwise, but I'm reasonably well-adjusted.


- Evil But Twinless


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