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February 20, 2007

The Day's Most Awesome Dialogue

I know that this is a hugely unpopular opinion, because everywhere I turn people are clamoring for her death, but whatever: Colleen Cecile Carlton rules and I will hear no arguments on the matter.

Is she annoying? Yes. She totally is. Does she have a tendency to whisper all of her lines? Yes. She totally does. Is she unfortunately related to Brad Carlton, whose brain cells, emotions and resistance to tanning salons simply don't exist? Yes. She totally is.

But she rules. I don't know why I like her so much. I think it might say something about the horrid state of Y&R and how there are pretty much no likeable characters on it, but it might also say something about the fact that I am easily swayed by pretty hair.

Anyway! She was fantastic during yesterday's episode where she was locked in a refrigerator to face death (again) and we learned that Foreign Random is the one who killed Poorly Dressed Random. Gasp!

(PS: Lynn Marie Latham, if you happen to be reading this: nothing about the Carmen Mesta murder storyline was interesting. Nothing. So please stop discussing it as if it were anything but the soap opera equivalent of Lunesta)

So Jana was all falling apart about the Reliquary and how she was poor and living in camper and she had to kill Carmen for no reason and she was all crazy bitch and revealed her evil master plan of killing Kevin and Colleen, and Colleen said so simply, succinctly and gloriously:

And then you will rot in prison for the rest of your life, alone and poor

On the awesome scale of 1-10, that's, like, a 40. That may be the show's single best piece of dialogue in the past six months. You rock on with your bitch self, Colleen.

- Promising Ingénue


I've always liked nuColleen, though she often bores the snot out of me. I've got to agree with you about the Mesta Mess. Who the hell cares? A character with no real ties to anyone is murdered by a character with no real ties to anyone. Yeah Kevin and Jana were dating, but they're certainly not a couple people were really rooting for.
If we had to get rid of an annoying female character with no real connections to anyone, why couldn't it have been AMBER?!? True she arrived in town after Carmen's murder, but... come on. Amber? AMBER?? She'd make a much better murderer than Jana, and frankly... Amber sucks. She really sucks. She's always sucked. She always will suck. I'd much rather see Jana going after Kane's money, than Amber who has never run across a piece of dialogue she couldn't breathily mangle.
I feel like I should like her too. I tend to cheer for the sluts and the bad girls with a heart of gold (no, not you Phyllis), but Amber? AMBER?? Maybe she can make her way back to B&B so Betty White can kill her off in some ingenious way. Yeah. Betty freakin' White.

On a totally different subject, don't you think someone from Jabot, or even Victoria, would sit down with Brad and give him some of the facts about the dangers of too much tanning? Maybe give him a moisturizer or some sunblock?

Just found your blog which rocks, btw. I love nuColleen also. She has the best hair in Daytime. She is bitchy, bratty, and has hot men. She is the first woman to chump out manwhore JT. I think her chemistry with her professor is steamy. What's not to like? I say to Collen, "you go girl, get down with your hot professor with your bad ass self."


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