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March 21, 2007

Be My Baby Now, and on Monday Nights?

So hypothetically, if a person watches What About Brian? because it's an occasionally fun crappy ensemble drama in the mold of a less-campy, less soapy Melrose Place (now with Kelly Kapowski/Valerie from 90210 OMG!!!), and one thinks that the baby (or babies, since I - er, this person - assume they are twins given those wacky California child labor restrictions) is the same bab[y/ies] that play[s] Claire on Days, would that person be crazy?  Perhaps instead of that person's biological clock finally kicking in, the reverse is happening and she thinks all babies look alike so why should she bother adding one to the pile?  Particularly when that might involve stretch marks?

Seriously, same kids?  How is that possible, time-wise?  And how much richer than the rest of us are they before they're even out of diapers?!  Mary Kate and Ashley, watch out.  If these girls also make great cheap lip gloss, you're in serious trouble.

- Evil But Twinless


Dude, you watch What About Brian! Imagine me pointing and laughing and pretending that I don't have a crippling addiction to the History Channel. Hey, look over there, a diversion!

I did some research on the twins playing Claire and they are indeed the baby on What About Brian. How did you recognize them--are they similarly bow wearing on that show? Their names are Ava and Olivia (which, duh, of course they are) and they are on contract on Days. That's the most depressing thing I've heard all day...

I was going to get snotty, like "people who live in [x]-viewing houses shouldn't throw stones!," but I couldn't think of an [x] more embarassing than What About Brian, other than additional crappy shows I watch that you do not.

The babies are not constantly wearing bows on What About Brian, which is why it took me a while to figure this out! They are a bit, how to say, dim-looking (which is why they are perfect to play Shawn and Belle's offspring), in a somewhat distinctive way, so eventually it dawned on me that it was possible it was the same kid(s). I have been known not to be able to tell that babies are of different races or that there is a difference between a 6-month-old and a two-year-old, though, so I thought it best not to trust my instincts on this. Thank you so much for the confirmation, both that it's all the same twins, and that they probably already have a greater net worth than I do so I should really just give up at life, stat.

they are the same baby. my friend megan and i were in mexico recuperating from sunburn when what about brian came on in english and we were all "that's baby clair!!!" and then we were all "she's gone deaf." and then we were traumatized that on Days, she has not yet gone deaf. Very confuddling.

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