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March 29, 2007

Breaking Non-News: Jason Thompson Is Still Dreamy

When we heard Jason Thompson was starting a blog, we were a little concerned.  What if turned out he wasn't that bright?  What if he was a jerk?  What if he...I can hardly type it...had terrible grammar?!  But lo, his first couple of entries are up and he is the other end of the soap star blogging spectrum from poor Austin Peck.  Jason Thompson is adorable and articulate and humble and surfs and hangs out with his friends and loves kids and OMG call us Jason!!1!!!11!!!!!

October 11, 2006            

surf, sun and soap talk!

Hello, and thanks for joining me once again. Also, thank you to everyone who responded to my first blog, I hope everyone is well. As I said in my first entry, I was writing you from the plane on my way to Hawaii, and let me tell you..we had a blast. The minute my friend Brian and I landed, we dropped off our bags, got in a cab, went for some sushi, jumped back in a cab, rented some surfboards and got in the water. It was pretty much perfect.   

We didn't expect there to be big enough waves for short boards so we didn't bring our own, but there happened to be a swell in the water. Realizing this, we went and bought new boards. I don't need to tell you, it was tough to get us out of the water. The original reason I was in Hawaii was for Soap Talk. Ty Treadway and the lovely Rebecca Budig whom I adore were hosting my segment. They both made it quick and painless..actually it was great. I gave Ty and Rebecca a little surf lesson on the stage before we jumped in the water to put it to the test, Hair and makeup for Ty and Rebecca weren't to excited about that. The rest of my trip to Hawaii was filled with more surf, which included a trip to the North Shore, food and laughs all around. Can't really call that work, can I?

I was back in L.A. and at work on Monday morning. Now let me tell you about this past weekend. My older brother Chris, his wife Paula and my two nieces, Taylor and Brooklyn come down to L.A. for a vacation. I picked them up on Friday and we spent the weekend bumming around the beach and doing a little sight seeing. Taylor had been here before when she was three, but it is a first for Brooklyn. I'm sure they were happy to see me but I'm secure enough to say that the real draw is Minnie and Mickey mouse down at Disneyland, which is where they are now. I'm looking forward to Friday when they come back to hang with uncle Jason. What else can I tell you...I'm excited hockey has started again. My beloved Oilers are back in action. For me, it doesn't get much better than chillin at home and watching a hockey game. Well I'm afraid I must run...got to learn my lines for tomorrow. Have a wonderful week Thanx again for coming by, I appreciate it greatly.

Until next time. —jason

He comes off as a very nice, bright, well-adjusted guy.  Which bums me out a bit because mocking looks better on us than admiration.  But the really good news is I won't feel bad about our continued overuse of "hotly" to describe Dr. Drake's every move.  It's much easier to dispense that kind of [creepy] adoration of a character when the guy playing him is a doll.  Actually, why should we limit ourselves just to the character?  As Jason Thompson continues to hotly blog about hotly hanging out with friends and family and hotly watching hockey, we will update you.

- Evil But Twinless


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