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April 22, 2007

Coming to a Monitor Near You: Night Shift Recaps

So,  when SoapNet announced that it would be doing a primetime spin-off of General  Hospital to focus more on the hospital and relationships surrounding it, we were  like spin this off, losers!  Since, you know, General Hospital itself was actually supposed  to be about the hospital and relationships surrounding it.

But then  those clever bastards announced that Patrick and Robin would be central to the  spin-off – Night Shift – and we were like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  OMG awesome!   Then they released the full cast list, and we were so caught up with the  fact that Steve Burton – who appears onscreen for about 90% of every episode  every day on the mothership – was listed as a star, that we almost  completely overlooked the absolutely cheestastic awesomeness of Billy Dee  freaking Williams being one of the new additions.  Lando Calrissian in Port  Charles, man!  The entertainment possibilities are endless.

Throughout  our rollercoaster of soap emotions we hatched a plan.  This show has the  potential to be horribly awful, or blissfully awesome, and we need to closely  track it to ensure that whatever direction it goes in, it is memorialized for  all to mock, or admire, or some combination thereof.  Therefore, we have decided  to recap each and every episode for you, our readers!  (Okay, we actually  decided to recap it purely out of self-interest, but isn't it nice when our  selfishness might inadvertently benefit others?  That's the motto of the United  Way, right?)

Anyhoo, Night Shift started production on Friday and will debut in  July, and we will be there, venomous typing fingers at the ready!  We will  chronicle Dr. Patrick Drake as he hotly diagnoses stuff, hotly romances (let's  hope) Dr. Robin, hotly interacts with Billy Dee freaking Williams, and hotly  shares the screen with a bunch of other people that in all candor we won't be  paying as much attention to.  You've been warned!


I agree about Patrick and Robin, Jason T and Kimberly starring on NS. What happened?

Now we hear it is all about the other GH people.

I have talked my friends and family into watching NS on Soapnet but now with it about GH and not Patrick and Robin, they have decided against watching.

Don't these other GH characters get enough time on GH that now they have to take time away from Robin and Patrick. From the beginnng Ms. Phelps, B.Frons and R. Guza said it would be with Robin and Patrick and new cast memebers.

Also, GH needs to end this contrived storyline with Robin and Patrick.

Robin and Patrick belong together and always will and should be thinking about having a baby and getting married after they talk over all this contrived nonsense that got her to Wyndemere and he to LasVegas in the first place.Did the writers forget the REAL Robin and Patrick at the MC fiasco. That was the REAL Robin and Patrick and how he loed her beyond reason and forever!

Hey GH lets put the focus of NS on Robin and Patrick and I'm sure my family and friends will watch.I'll make sure they do then.

Really upset with the focus of NS changing to include others and Robin and Patrick will be backburned again.


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