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April 07, 2007

From the Stolen Mail Bag: Questions for GH Writers

Dear General Hospital writing team,

I love your show!  I watch it every day.  But I have a few questions:

  • Is Liz pregnant?
  • Is Liz pregnant with Jason's baby?
  • Is Liz's husband excited about the baby?
  • Is Liz torn about being pregnant with Jason's baby?
  • Is Jason angsty about Liz being pregnant with his baby?
  • Is it appropriate to berate cancer patients?
  • Is Spinelli a computer dork?
  • Is Lulu popular with the fellas?
  • Did Lulu have an abortion?
  • Was Sam involved in some kind of altercation a few years back with a man who yelled a lot?
  • Is Sam unable to have children?
  • Do Sonny and Carly have a history together?
  • Does Sonny claim to love Carly?
  • Is Carly wary of Sonny's claim that he loves her?
  • Is Sonny in the mob?

If you could not only reply to my letter with the answers to these questions, but also incorporate them into the show almost every day, I think that would be really helpful, not to mention interesting for viewers.  TIA!


Viewer With Severe Head Injury That Prevents Retention of Information on a Day-to-Day Basis

P.S.  I checked with every other General Hospital viewer on the planet, almost all of whom do not have severe head injuries and who can retain information on a day-to-day basis, and they wouldn't co-sign this request.  Isn't that weird?  By the way, is Liz pregnant with Jason's baby?

- Evil But Twinless


Those are very good questions. Unfortunately, the writing staff is far too busy to answer such reasonable and complex questions. We are currently busy finding ways to demean and humiliate any actor over the age of 50.

Robert Guza, and Co.

PS You've just got to respect how we wasted Stuart Damon for years and killed his character off, only to have him come back as a wise cracking, track suit wearing ghost. I really hope Maurice Bernard gives me a reach around tonight.

As one of those without a head injury, I am very aware that Liz is pregnant with Jason's baby. However, I have some other questions which are not entirely apparent from the show:

1.Is Michael supposed to be cute?
2. Is Sonny's single-minded obsession with Carly supposed to be endearing?
3. Is Sam actually 75 years old with really good plastic surgery? Because that's the only way I can see her having so many pasts. It also explains the inability to have kids too.

zara, Michael is the creepiest kid on TV, but yes, I think the idiots who run this show want us to think he's adorable. And we're supposed to be rooting for Sonny and Carly to reunite. It's all so twisted.

Not to toot my own horn, but 14 of these 15 questions were alluded to on today's show. What intelligence level are they writing to?

LOL. I am cracking up at this post.

I think Sam and the everyday hero crud is the lamest waste of time. And Liz is making me want to crawl through the screen and kill her.

Carson...I can't speak of...my stomach is not that strong. And it just goes on and on...

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