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April 03, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue - Yes, GH Again

I couldn't decide between this and the Jax/Carly nonsense.

Nikolas, to Alexis:  I love you.  You're the only family I have, other than Spencer. 

That would be Nikolas, son of Laura, brother of Lucky and Lulu, grandson of Leslie, cousin of Sam and Kristina and Molly . . . I just give up.  Clearly the writers have.

- Evil But Twinless


Oh dear. Really? I'll "look forward" to that when watching today's ep.

Le Sigh...I'm so glad I don't watch this show anymore. This a Megan McTavish level of inaneness.

You know full well that on GH, only characters who can claim some sort of Corinthian Cock Connection are really family. Alexis slept with him. Spencer is his blood relative. And since even Sonny has forgotten that Kristina exists, you can forgive Nikolas forgetting, right?

"I just give up. Clearly the writers have." How do you both manage to get it spot on each & every day! Who wants to be a Soap Star? Perhaps they need to run this contest: Who Wants to WRITE a Soap? There must be better writers out there than the third graders that write for GH! Honestly!

I don't even watch the show anymore, but I've always loved Nik and Alexis in scenes together (second only to Stefan and Alexis), so when I read this my first response was to fankwank about how perhaps Nikolas meant Cassadine-type family; people who share his heritage. Sam didn't grow up with that and Kristina and Molly haven't really been exposed to it, so those omissions can be excused. Alexis on the other hand was brought up surrounded by Cassadine doctrine, and Spencer is the new Cassadine heir, so they are the only two people that Nikolas has left who can relate to him on that level.

...My second response, much like your first one, was why the hell am I putting more thought into this than the writers do?

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