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May 10, 2007

Kudos, Writers. Yes, You Read That Right.

It's taken me a long time to get to this point.  I am writing this entry to commend the Days writers, unironically, on a job well done.

I'm going to need to take a few deep cleansing breaths now, because that was way hard.

I'm not even just giving them credit for a hilarious one-liner.  They deserve compliments for a good build-up, good character development, and good dialogue.  The storyline with all this goodness?  Lucas becomes a Good Guy. 

Lucas is one of those characters that's never been a villain and never been a Good Guy.  He was a "good" guy most of the time -- you know, in soap terms, in that he wasn't killing people, dropping women in vats of acid, or putting undead townspeople on magical islands.  But with his reaction to Sami's big reveal about EJ, he became a Good Guy -- one you can actually root for.

Honestly, I've never been a huge Lucas fan.  Because he was never written as being particularly good or bad, he was just sort of ...there.  Bryan Dattilo is cute (caveat:  when his hair is cut short!) and is a decent actor.  It's the character that always bored me.  Phillip's comment about Lucas being average cracked me up, because if there's one thing Lucas has always mastered it's being average.  (It also cracked me up because I am bitchily judgmental and enjoy when others join in the fun.)

Sorry, enough about the past and on with the kudos.   The writers could have taken the predictable route and had Lucas find out about the whole EJ mess right before the wedding, go all crazy, have a soap-style blowup, and leave Sami as a marriage-less bride for about the eleventh time in 15 years.  But instead they wrote a great reveal scene, they had Lucas step up and be a supportive husband, and in the process created a Good Guy.  This show really needed one of those in the younger age bracket.

And now, as a result of this good storytelling, I actually care about this otherwise totally played out Who's the Daddy storyline. (Imagine if this kind of thing really took off in daytime -- people might actually watch soaps again!)  This just got interesting.  EJ the [sex godish] villain with layers (attention, GH writers, it can be done!) vs. Lucas the Good Guy (which up until this week would have spelled B-O-R-I-N-G but now is actually appealing).  Round one to Lucas.  Or maybe it's a draw.  Damn James Scott and his overpowering hotness!


Lest you think I've gone soft, I do need to talk about some serious wrongness in this whole Sami/Lucas confrontation.  I write, of course, of this dress:


It's very Holly Hobbie.  It's like something they'd have the farm girl from Iowa wear on a Law and Order episode in which she was the sole witness to a murder five minutes after arriving in the big city.  It has tiny flowers, shiny ribbon, and ruffled cap sleeves.  It is prototypically twee.   But then Sami sat down, revealing the lil' country girl frock to be pretty ridiculously low-cut:


So it's more Hooker Holly Hobbie.  Which, if it had actually existed, would have made some of the doll playdates of my childhood a bit more interesting.  And confusing, since everyone knows Barbie was the slutty one.


Couldn't agree more about Luca becoming a good guy. He was my hero today in a great scene!


I actually watched part of Days today, and you're absolutely right, as usual. It was refreshing to see.

Lucas, that is, not the dress.

Oh good. I'm bitchily judgemental, too, and I'd happily like to join in on the fun, as well. It's a relief to see that the writers have started to pull their heads out of Corday's ass and actually, you know...write. But, I'm afraid to give kudos, because as soon as I approve of things, I'm sure they will go straight back to hell. Plus, I no longer can stand Lumi and Sami's constipated bad soap acting, so it's impossible for me to sit through her scenes...even if they do include the Hotness that is James Scott.

I will admit, though, that the script writers have been kickin' some ass for a while and that, finally, the plots have begun to catch up. Even wardrobe has begrudingly started to follow; Hope's dress was awesome and Sami's Monique Lhuillier gown was beautiful. Sami's Holly Boobie number, not so much.

The Lucas/Sami relationship is my favorite thing on Days. If they are doing good then I'll watch. If not, then I won't. I was really nervous about the wedding because Sami does not have a great track record with weddings as you mentioned. I came to the decision that if something went wrong and Lucas ended up leaving Sami I was soooo done with Days. I am happy to say that I am soooo not done with Days! I also want to add that I have loved James Scott since his days on AMC and I still love him, but I HATE his character!

Hmmm...I must admit that I am pretty much bowled over by the sex godishness of James Scott so it's hard for me to pay much attention to Lucas, but I do think you're right. Before the big reveal I didn't much care what Lucas would say or do because I figured we'd seen it all before but the writers did a nice job of turning this one around. Now, we'll see how they can keep it that way. It's gonna be tough making me believe that Sami turning her back on the hotness that is EJ is plausible - but stranger things have happened.

And it's a pity about the Holly Hobbie dress. The wardrobe department has been doing such a great job with Sami lately. I guess now that she's showing (the second she took off her wedding gown!) we're going to be subjected to hokey house dresses. Blech!

It was a couple of great Days days. Not only with Lucas being fabulous, but also with Marlena actually running interference and standing up for Sami. Remarkable.

More please.

Oh it has been a great week! I am loving Lucas too and I have to say that though at times I can like Lucas a great deal, he's disappointed me more often than not but this week he's been absolutely fabulous.

And best of all, all the Brady's are rallying around Sami! Roman and Marlena being protective parents for once instead of judgemental. This probably has been the most awesome week of the show this year!

Yes, yes and yes to all of the above. And a super big mega YES to Sami for decking EJ!

Yeah, I think they've been trying to make Lucas a good guy for a while now. I'm just glad Sami is still a villianess!!! I really hope she gets really dark and ends up with EJ, cuz the two of them together are SMOKIN'!!!

If only GH could follow suit. Did anyone notice that Lucky was frantic about the baby staying at the hospital because Liz might wake up and think she miscarried? Well she already saw and held the baby, so why on earth would she think that she miscarried????

But Days was indeed great.

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