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May 17, 2007

My Response Would Start with "Restraining" and End With "Order"

Carly to Sonny, when she arrived home to find him in her living room: You know, you can't keep doing this.  I'm married now, we have to set boundaries.  You can't walk into my house anytime you please now that I'm married to Jax.

Sonny: If you don't want me to drop by, that's fine.  But, you've gotta answer your cell phone.  Cuz I called you like twelve/fifteen times and you never -

Carly: It died, okay?  It died.  I have to charge my phone.

He called 12-15 times?!  STALKER.  Am I supposed to find this romantic?  I don't even care that he was worried about her, that is just so wrong.  It's like in Swingers when Mike calls Nikki six times trying to leave a message on her machine, and each message gets progressively more disturbing.  It's sort of like that, except without the humor.  Or the great catchphrases (Sonny is so not money).  Or the swing dancing.  Or the hot pre-bloat Vince Vaughn.  So I guess it's not like that at all.  But thinking about Swingers after watching GH cheered me up, so there's that.

I love how Sonny's so seemingly reasonable about his creepiness.  "Listen, I will agree not to stop by your house totally unannounced and sneak inside to wait like a burglar for your return, if you will simply agree to answer at least every third of my dozen daily phone calls.  Why must you be so difficult?"  What an excellent bargain for the ex-wife!  If the whole mafia kingpin thing doesn't work out, Sonny could be a crazy good used car salesman.

I really wanted Carly to use my new favorite phrase and kick Sonny out while calling him a "faithless bitch."  I could not possibly care less about Lorenzo, but that was an awesome line.

Oh, and today's episode ended with yet another shoot-out.  Am I really supposed to be invested in these anymore? 


My response would have been similar to yours with quite a bit more swearing and perhaps banging his head against the wall until he either got it, or passed out. I suspect the passing out would come first.

Of course Carly would need to throw barware at him while calling him a "faithless bitch".

Holy shit! Lisa is 100% right here. Sonny is the King of Faithless Bitches. I wish I could go to PC and tell him that.

Of course since Ted King is leaving he is going to get the bus treatment.

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