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May 01, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Oh, siiiiigh.

The Ghost of Alan: You go, girlfriend!

Is there a behind-the-scenes contest to see who can humiliate Stuart Damon the most?

"I know, let's fire him for no reason after 30 years on the show!"
"But let's kill his character off, so we're sure he can't come back."
"Can we make his death storyline all about the mafia, so we don't really have to focus on Alan or Stuart at all while we kick his ass to the curb?"
"Totally.  And then, wait, this is genius....we bring Alan back.  As a wisecracking ghost!"
"That is brilliant.  I propose we make the ghost wear a sweatsuit . . . the same one for months!"
"I say we fire him, kill off his character, make his death all about the mobsters, bring him back as a ghost, make him wear a sweatsuit, and have him spout 'funny' slang that was already uncool before Fresh Prince went off the air!"

You win, sadist #6!  Your prize is a kick in the ass with my pointiest stilettos.

Don't you dare enjoy it.

- Evil But Twinless


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