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May 02, 2007

Welcome to Our New Home!

Thanks to all of our regular readers and new visitors, we've had to move into a bigger place with a few more bells and whistles (which we've camouflaged with pretty graphics because, ew! -- bells and whistles are so 2004).  Make yourselves comfortable.  Mock some soap fashion, bitch about the idiots who run ABC Daytime, count the number of times Dr. Patrick Drake did something hotly over the span of a single GH episode.  You know, the usual.   And keep checking in, especially this coming Monday, May 7th, when we'll announce that bigger-than-Susan-Lucci's-hair news!

Please remember to switch your bookmark to this new address, or for those of you bookmark-less folks who check out the site from a shared computer (at a school, library, or prison) you can get here via the slightly easier to remember www.serialdramablog.com

And if there are features you'd like to see more of or bugs we need to fix, drop us an email or leave a comment after this post and we'll do our best to respond. 

So this all our way of saying, in a way that admittedly could never compete with Brenda Dickson, welcome to our new home!  Sit and stay a while.


Woohoo and I love the new space. Congrats and I'm hoping the "news" is what I think is.

I just realized that I'm the first to post, so, "Yea me." Hee.

OMG, I totally got sucked into the Brenda Dickson world. That link should come with a warning...it's mesmerizing. But I just needed to come back and say how much I lurve your guys' blog. It helps get me through my completely dysfunctional relationship with Days. You guys deserve the success. Congrats!

Glad to see you're movin' on up. I'm so glad I found this blog... who knew reading about soaps I don't even watch (and one I kinda do) would be so much fun?

Can't wait to read your big news.

Maybe in about a million billion years I will stop laughing at the Brenda Dickson link. Congratulations on the big move and please excuse me while I go email that link to EVERYONE I ever met.

I seriously adore your blog and am very happy for your success! And as long as you keep putting out that Drs. Patrick Drake & Robin Scorpio love, I will follow every word you hotly post. Eh, I'll keep reading even if you don't...you're too fun to miss!

Yay for a new home! Looks great! I'm so curious about the new news?!? What could it be?

I go away for a couple of days and you go and move! Congrats on the new home, and I also suspect I know what the big news may be, but look forward the hearing it!

Great blog! It's been awhile since I've watched Days or GH anymore but it's been great catching up through all your posts here! Also thanks for introducing me to the great Brenda Dickson's Home; that video is a masterpiece...

We're so glad you all like the new digs! And of course we're thrilled to be a part of sharing Brenda Dickson's Home with the rest of the world.

zara and ande I think I know why you think you know the news, and I think you might be right that you do know the news that you think you know. (I'm into clarity today.) The big reveal is tomorrow so you can brag about your insightfulness soon!

Hey, it's big announcement day, so what's the what?? :)

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