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June 19, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

According to her myspace, Adrianne Leon was fired from The Young and the Restless, making her the second awesome younger actress unceremoniously dumped from the show in the last nine months (remember Davetta Sherwood and how Lily and Daniel were an awesome couple? Those were some blissful times). I question the wisdom of firing a charismatic actress while keeping the one-note and horrible haired Adrienne Frantz front and center but, hey, I didn't just win half an Emmy for best show, so what do I know?

I really grew to like Adrianne Leon after not being a fan of hers when she did her stint on General Hospital. I think it was cemented when Colleen gave the awesome toast at Victoria's bridal shower. So I'm really sorry to see her go. Here's her announcement:

And the saga continues.....

Well, I wish I had a positive follow up to that last post but unfortunately- for me at least :)- This one isn't much brighter. You guys have been there for me through thick and through thin (pun intended :) ) and many of you....from show to show and character to character- so I felt that you had the right to know before everyone else. I absolutely love you all and know that this is the least I can do....

I was notified today that I will no longer be part of the cast of Y&R and that the last day I worked (last week) was actually my last day there. I wish I would have known that then... and had taken the opportunity to let everyone know just how much I enjoyed working with them in addition to how greatly they will be missed.

I love and adore the cast/crew and production and I am very thankful to Sony/CBS, Marnie Saitta, Barbara Bloom, Ed and Kathy, Y&R and all others involved in my casting.... for providing me with this amazing opportunity. It has been an honor to work with yet again, an award winning cast and crew (not to mention loving, supportive, professional....a wonderful second family)...and to have been part of not only an amazing show but the number one daytime drama. That's been a blast. I hold only fond memories (well minus this one) and wish the show all the best especially with their future Colleen plans. She's a wonderful character and has so much potential.

Emphasis added.

If that means what I think it means, then my feelings toward the current producers of Y&R are moving from mild irritation to outright anger. And what a way to fire her, huh? "Your last day of work was actually your last day of work ever. Thanksforallofyourhardworkgoodluckinthefuture,pleaseleavetheset". Ice cold.

So, what, in the past year Adrianne Leon, Davetta Sherwood, Eileen Davidson, Jerry Douglas and longtime producer Ed Scott (husband of Melody Thomas Scott) were dumped. Very, very interesting.


OMG, thank you for addressing this. I am ::STUNNED:: that she has been let go. She didn't play an easy character to like, but AL did really grew on me and wasn't afraid of playing a flawed Colleen at times. The Hate Chemistry between her and Greg Rikaart should have been explored more, IMO.

Regarding the body issue, I find her Sophia Loren looks and figure far more appealing than some of her skinnier contemporaries on the show. JMHO, of course. And, no offense, but she's like a Size 10 IRL? Hardly pushing obesity, Y&R.

-Jerry Douglas
-Davetta Sherwood
-Eileen Davidson
-Victoria Rowell
Joshua Morrow -- reprieve
-Adrianne Leon

I dread to think who might be next.

I actually didn't like her on Y&R, either -- I did at first, but then she started delivering every line just BARELY above a whisper, like she was auditioning for "24" or something. It distracted me from her acting. [Also, I felt like she had a habit of looking at every other character, no matter who it was, like she was considering having sex with them.]

But she's a pretty girl -- love the figure -- and hopefully she'll end up somewhere with a better director.

And rumor has it she only gained the weight because of medication she had to take. So, that's passed harsh - if that's the case, and that's why she was indeed fired.

I enjoyed her on both GH and Y&R, so best of luck to her in the future!

Wow they are just firing everone is Sharon and Peter next!!! If they fired her due to her weight that is crazy what does every actress have to be a size 0????

I thought that comment meant the same thing that you did. Too bad. I liked Adrianne and her version of Colleen. I liked her with Adrian a lot. Hollywood is a tough business.

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