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June 10, 2007

Check Out Our Latest SOD Column

Our latest "My Take/My Take, Too" appears in the June 19th edition of Soap Opera Digest (subscribers should have just received it, and it will be on newsstands Tuesday).  It's the one with the huge "Nick's Alive!" headline and the lamentably smaller "Outrage Over Emmy Snubs" one.  Our column is about the upcoming Daytime Emmys, and by sheer coincidence we'll be doing a bunch of Emmy-related posts this week leading up to Friday's ceremony and our Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza.


I loved your latest SOD column on the Emmys. Especially the part about Genie Francis bringing heart and soul back to the show. Truer words were never spoken.

Kudos on the latest columns in SOD. What a world of difference between your sane takes on soaps and Carolyn Hinsey's breathless squeal about how CUUUUUUTTTEEE Maurice Bernard is. Really, Carolyn? Really??

I'm thinking of writing SOD and telling them the only reason I finally bothered to subscribe is so I could enjoy their newest two columists. But they seriously need to get you guys some sort of logo. I paged through the damn mag two times looking to read your column first and couldn't find it. Finally I found it after realizing that center box with lettering wasn't just a continuation of a previous article, but YOUR columns! (Yay!) They also need to list you in the table of contents. But hey, this is SOD so just the fact that they gave you a job and allow you to write UNCENSORED is impressive and I'm proud of them. They may be following DOOL's example and ... gasp ... finally getting back to what made them famous in the first place!

"Carolyn Hinsey's breathless squeal about how CUUUUUUTTTEEE Maurice Bernard is."

He's the Cabbage Patch Mobster! At least in terms of height.

I no longer buy the rag unless there is an article about TC's Nikolas Cassadine (its the bane of my soap watching exsistance that this wonderful actor and "best" DT character is on the SLUG of a show like GH) but anyway I will look forward to reading your column when you post here on your website. I certainly love the GH bashing, since its so well deserved.

I used to buy SOD religiously (but couldn't get a subscription being the aforementioned, lowly Canadian), however, with message boards, etc., I haven't bought an issue in several years. Now that you ladies have an article, I did pick up a copy today - it was fabu. Anyway, my point is that you can tell the PTB at SOD that the only reason I am purchasing their magazine is because of your columns.

We are just self-promotional enough to encourage all of you who feel that way to go ahead and write the SOD bigwigs to let them know. :)

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