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June 16, 2007

Daytime Emmys Recap: Biggest Outrage


GH even had Luke and Laura up there and she's technically not on the show right?

That's correct. But she was nominated, and they are Luke and Laura, so I guess I'll give them a pass on that. I just don't understand not using Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer really do seem like nice people (and they both looked fantastic last night), but if you have one couple to represent your show why on earth would you pick the least interesting, one, particularly when the two parts of the couple are now played by recasts? But then I understand basically nothing about how that show last night was produced. I'm pretty sure I could have created something by building a set in my basement and working some magic on my laptop.

I think that was my point. To many longtime Days fans, Steve and Kayla are Days of our lives' Luke and Laura. GH is known for treating it's veterans so horrifically but they knew enough to send those two into the awards ceremony to represent the show. Course, it does come off having Genie Francis nominated/won but it makes BB and MM representation more hurtful.

And nothing against the two actors who probably are doing the best they can but they are hardly the face of the show. As much as I loathe Deidre Hall, her and Drake Hogestyn would have been better choices as they are longtime veterans and have had interesting storylines in the past.

LOL; and you're right. The set was awful!

I don't necessarily think JMB losing was an outrage. By all accounts her tape selections weren't that good -- the first had her doing her "yelly" Carly imitation and the second had her opposite Genie Francis, who stole the scene completely. JMB started out as a really good actress (especially for her age) but had adopted some very poor (read lazy) habits -- mainly her voice modulation problem. It's easier for an actor to simulate anger by yelling than it is to develop the nuances and beats of a scene. Julie is using yelling more and more as a crutch. She's *capable* of nuance -- her scenes after the rape reveal with Tony Geary were wonderful -- but if she's not careful, she'll go down the Maurice Bernard road. He too was a good actor before he grew lazy and depended on a few actor tics to show emotion. BAD ACTING HABITS. So no, I don't think it's an outrage at all that she lost. I hope she learns from it and 1) gets back to being a good actress and 2) chooses better emmy reels -- it took La Lucci 19 years to learn that art.

I was very disappointed that JMB didn't win in her category, although after reading Kazou's post I can't help but agree with most of his/her points (sorry, I don't know if you are male or female). Also, I'm always disappointed when Tony Geary doesn't win because I think he is the greatest actor in Daytime (and really should have a category all to himself).

On a positive note, I was pleasantly surprised to see Rick Hearst win. I think he is an enormously talented actor but is in the unfortunate position of playing a character with NO redeeming qualities. I rather thought that Dan Gauthier would win this category because he is superb (but mainly, the Academy would want to stick it to OLTL for their bone-headed move to fire him).

Kazou you were splendid in your explanation of JMB no-win. She didn't deserve it. But if you live in a GH box, and don't see what the other youngers deliver it is easy to believe she is the best thing to come their way.

And actually she has potential in yards, but ITA, if she slides into Self-Entitled, lazy, tics she will never bring home a trophy.

I think she is taking it in...hopefully she allows herself to grow.

But on GH, under the same management/writing...I don't see it. GH is not actor finishing school. The best acting to come from an actor on GH usually is in the early edits of their runs. The longer they stay, the longer they star, and it won't be long that they get lazy and phone it in.

JMB voice articulation could use some work.

That yelly-Carly crap shut her down big time.

Heehee, I'm an ATWT watcher so I can't be too outraged that they won 2 of the 3 female categories. (Although it would have been more appropriate for Van Hansis to have won Younger Actor than Jen Landon to have won Younger Actress this year. He did phenomenal work in his coming-out story while she's been coasting as the poor-me victim in various crap stories.)

But what Julie Berman did in her abortion storyline should have earned her the Emmy, no question. She was tremendous in that.

Stephen/Mary Beth/ and overall Days being shunned by the emmys as if they didn't even exist throughout the whole ceremony.....What a huge disappointment!

Thanks, Beltane and NuShooz (I'm female, btw). I agree about Tony Geary being one of the best actors in daytime. He had a very perceptive comment the 6/19 issue of SOD. He said, "I [submitted] the day Lesley Lu went to visit her mother ... and [we] end up sitting in a diner ... having a great heart-to-heart. Those scenes had a subtlety I often don't get a chance to play. My work is often bombastic, the nature of the beast that I play, and so I appreciate quieter moments." That strikes me as a very self-aware observation because although he's great, Tony has a tendency to chew the scenery when he's bored! However, this is the lesson JMB needs to learn -- to depend less on bombast and more on her very good actorly instincts. NuShooz is right, she has YARDS of potential. The abortion storyline definitely had some of those nuanced moments, but she chose the wrong one to submit to the judges. :(

I hated how all the newbies on "Days" were spoken to on the red carpet & SN & MBE weren't sppken to at ALL!! WTH?????

I've been expecting JMB to lose since I read in an interview that she asked Laura Wirght for help selecting her reel. Um, what the hell? Despite garnering many prenoms, Laura has never gotten a single nomination. Could it be more obvious that she picks horrible reels? So of course they together chose one where Juie was acting exactly like Laura, and of course she lost. Oh well. I'm sure she'll win eventually. She really is a very talented actress.

Daytime Emmy's Biggest Outrage?
James Scott wearing (hotly, albeit) that itty bitty bow-tie with that super skinny-lapeled tux. ?!?! Poor baby. He needs me to come over and dress him for occasions. And then undress him.

And also Kimberly Mccullough's bangs/hair.

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