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June 13, 2007

Emmy Week Day 3: Take the Lead

The nice thing about Emmy week is that it forces me to think positively and want to see excellent performers get recognition for their brilliance and it doesn't allow me to dwell too much about how much all of my soaps suck lately. Which they do. Like... a lot.

No! Stop! Positive thinking!

It would not be Emmy week if we didn't take a moment to relive the night Susan Lucci finally ended her streak and won the Best Actress Emmy. I was so excited when it finally happened. I may have actually squealed out loud. I will neither confirm nor deny. This neatly transitions us to the polls for the Lead categories!


Here's a question..after watching that great Emmy clip....what on earth ever became of Melissa Hayden? Are you gals old enough to remember her on GH as Friscos cave dwelling pal "Mouse"? Then she ended up on Guiding Light and kicked ass, won a bunch of awards...and then POOF, gone.

STOP IT! You're making me cry with these great moments in TV history. I MISS GOOD SOAP!

Oh, and dear lord, Shamar Moore is hot.

Thank you for that Emmy clip of Susan Lucci. It actually made me cry. I also think that 1999 was the very last year of big hair, and nobody wore it better than La Lucci.

Had to watch this clip twice. I don't know which was more fun -- Susan's stunned response or the outrageously long standing "O" from a visibly delirious audience. They LOVED her. Wait, I lied, I do know what was more fun: clicking on the "Maurice Bernard wins Emmy" link next to the screen and watching the music CUT HIS SPEECH OFF!! BWahahahahahah. He thought he was Lucci ("Hey, hold it -- hold it!") but they kept playing and drowned him out!

What can I say? My heart is two sizes too small. ;o)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog but I'll be honest- I think the most robbed performer this year was Kristian Alfonzo. She rocked Zack's death scenes and I thought she would at least get nominated.

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