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June 13, 2007

Emmy Week Montage: The First 25 Years

I heart YouTube.  I really, really do.  Here is a montage of Daytime Emmy winners from the show's first 25 years, which aired during the 1998 show.  I cannot decide what is the most awesome part.  It spans the spectrum from over-the-top cheesy to totally heartwarming.


I forgot Days actors used to win those things. Great montage.

uh...I didn't vote because the whole thing got me choked up. I don't know if it was the yesteryear of the soap genre and watchable TV, or that I'm embittered to the whole WTF-ness of the whole Daytime Emmy process (okay, let's just say most award show processes). Maybe it's just that it's great to see people reach their dreams. ::sniff::

I LURVE YouTube. I have a secret desire that is also my secret fear: I've always wondered why Brian Frons, money-grubbing arse that he is, doesn't package and sell DVDs of classic storylines. Seriously, I'd pay good money to get high quality copies of some of these storylines. So the desire is for some of those classic GH vids; the fear is that as soon as Frons figured he can make money, he and ABC will yank EVERYTHING soap-related from YouTube. You heard it here first, folks. ;)

As for that damn montage, color me another posted who had to vote through the tears. (Damn you Serial Drama gals, why did you DO this to us??) Joan Rivers' comment "My husband always told me you can turn things around, and except for one terrible moment in a hotel in Philadelphia when he forgot that ..." It just broke me down. What a sad, sad waste. But my Lord, KZ's hair!!! I had to rewind and watch that 3 times before I even saw it on your poll!

*sigh* Santa Barbara. I loved that soap. Gone before its time.

The saddest part of the montage for me was that Deidre wasn't in it.

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