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June 19, 2007

New Feature Alert!

As you may have noticed, we have no shortage of opinions around here. We truly thought we really had all the hypercritical bases covered, but then a friend proposed doing some recaps of the now-vintage, always awesome early episodes of 90210. And since said friend is male (and therefore unlikely to steal our fashion thunder and also likely to bring a slightly different perspective to those crazy rich kids' exploits) we said sure! So, welcome Lancer, whom you can get to know using the very sophisticated likes/dislikes format that we're fond of around here.

Lancer90210 got his start in life in a place quite different from everyone's favorite zip code. From a young age, he displayed an uncanny ability to get his homework done and stay in on Friday nights. Now firmly entrenched in his mid-20s, in a job men the world over can only dream about, he's young at heart yet maintains an old soul. Like Dylan McKay, he's convinced he's been here before, and when he was, Kelly Taylor was there too.

His likes include hot weather, street hockey, witty banter, long-distance drives, corned beef on rye, public parks, marathons, C. Montgomery Burns, Snapple Peach Iced Tea, white dinner jackets, Sports Illustrated, the library, clicking the refresh button, Bruce Springsteen, the Supreme Court, nostalgia, breakfast, cocker spaniels, the 1960s, weddings, and the other side of the pillow. His dislikes include rain, the alarm clock, automatic transmissions, traffic jams, slow walkers, doing the laundry, missing the previews at the movies, lost chances, cliches, parking tickets, the time it takes to deplane, 'team-building' activities, non-HD channels, standing in line, and swiss cheese.


I'm so there. I was like four years old when 90210 was on but I still managed to watch it from beginning to crap to end. Bring it on and welcome aboard!

Evil But Twinless, you don't happen to be of Italian/Hispanic/Slavic heritage, do you? Your bio is creepily similar to what mine would be if I had a reason to type it out. My sisters always said I was adopted. I'm seriously thinking they weren't just messing with me. Either that or you've stolen my identity.

Lancer90210, I'm glad your covering the early 90210, since I was turned off from the show after initially crushing on Luke Perry (yes, I'll admit it. I was young and dumb) and then seeing him doing his best/lamest James Dean imitation while standing in line for a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing. He was a tiny dork. It crushed me - not really. Anyhoo, I hope you make lots of fun of the show and everyone on it. How could you not? I looked forward to your future mockery!

"Evil But Twinless, you don't happen to be of Italian/Hispanic/Slavic heritage, do you?"


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