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June 12, 2007

Emmy Week Flashback: When Lucky Spencer Wasn't a Dim Bulb

As longtime General Hospital viewers know, the talented Jonathan Jackson won three (!) Daytime Emmys in the Younger Actor category for his portrayal of Lucky Spencer.  I like Greg Vaughn quite a bit (he is way hot) and enjoy his portrayal of Lucky (he is way hot), but I do miss the days when you didn't have to worry that Lucky might walk into a room and not be able to decipher how to get back out.  I know that's about the writing and not the performance, but unfortunately now I associate the dumbing-down of the character with the recast(s). (Things might be picking up in that department, though; I thoroughly enjoyed Lucky calling Spinelli out on his creepy obsession with baby Jake yesterday.  Also, Greg Vaughn is way hot.)

Anyway, here are some great clips from back when it was evident Lucky was Luke and Laura's kid:  Flashback that includes some of his first scenes on the show, meeting Ruby.  Lucky meets Emily.  Not long after that; Lucky's dog Foster gets hit by a car. Liz and Lucky's first kissJJ and Tony Geary's final scenes together before The Fire.

And here are his three Emmy wins:  1    2    3

Much like many of you, I am totally rooting for the other Luke 'n' Laura offspring to win on Friday.  Julie Marie Berman is great, even if a lot of the writing for her of late has been pretty shrill and about as subtle as . . . well about as subtle as the GH writers know how to be.  By which I mean not at all subtle, not even a little.


Oh gosh.... Those scenes were all amazing and heartbreaking, but it was the first Emmy win that brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing.

De-lurking to say that I so loved Liz & Lucky that summer! I've been watching GH on and off for 18 years, but that was some of the best stuff they ever did.

I've always been disappointed that Jonathan Jackson hasn't had a bigger acting career. He was stellar.

How amazing was Jonathan Jackson? He really did make Lucky everything that Luke and Laura's offspring ought to be. I don't mind Greg Vaughn, as he really is way hot, and he's a huge step up from the dark days of Jacob Young, but JJ will always be the only true Lucky.

My first post: you girls rock the planet!!!

While I seriously love you ladies, did you find it necessary to make me cry by posting these fabulous clips of JJ as Lucky? While I will grant you that GV is HOT as unLucky - these clips made me realize all over again why JJ won those awards. How I detest these writers for making us refer to him as "unLucky". That alone should get them fired. I still hold out hope (as evidenced by his scenes with Laura) that GV can play the Lucky we all know and love.

Peace and Love

I still love Jonathon Jackson.

I will, however, second, third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth your notion that Greg Vaughn is so hot.

I just found that clip of JJ winning his first Emmy the other day. That almost made me cry, that was the best acceptance speech ever, I'm convinced.

I was very much in love with Jonathan Jackson when I was 13. I miss him immensly as Lucky.

I totally agree that it is such a shame how they have dummied down Lucky's character. They've taken his spunk, his humor, and his sparkle. (yawn yawn) Greg Vaughn does a good enough job with what he is given to work with, but this is NOT the same character that JJ played!....but then I could pretty much say the same for Carly and Emily!

I can't stop grinning watching these clips. God, when GH didn't suck. *nostalgic*

I loved JJ in that role SO MUCH. Damn I miss him. Yes, Greg Vaughan is hot. And no, I don't have a problem with his skills, but I do have major problems with what the character has become.

I am not so enamored with the other L&L offspring. Yes, the writing for Lulu has been in the crapper lately, but many of Julie performances lately are leaving me cold even when the writing doesn't suck.

I LLLLOOONNNGGG for the days when Lucky wasn't dim. Those were also the last days that I had any love for his Elizabeth. Now she's just Bitchy Lizzie to me.

I wait in vain for the day Lucky's IQ is recovered and he kicks Liz to the curb.

Oh my! Thanks for the links to the clips. The days when the writers used to write for Lucky and they used to write him as a Spencer.

And to see Ruby again. And Steve Hardy. And Bobbie and Laura.

I have to go. I'm going to cry now.

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