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June 12, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

This show is effed up.

Watching Erica and Jack's divorce reality show (aka "This show is effed up, exhibit A") led Lily to reminisce about her marriage to Jonathan with heretofore unknown half sister Ava.

Ava: So he didn't cheat on you, or steal from you? His big and only lie was just pretending to be like you?

Lily: Yes.

That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.

The "big and only lie" this grown man told was faking a mental defect in order to stay married to an autistic teenager. That's a pretty big freaking lie.

Incidentally, this grown man had previously kidnapped said autistic teenager and her two sisters. He also killed three men.

But he takes the pimento out of olives because he knows Lily doesn't like red and I'm supposed to swoon? As if!

Oh, and incidentally, Ava and the writers of this godforsaken show: it is not adorable and worthy of the twinkly music of "awww" that a grown man/murderer faking mental defects put a divider down the middle bed so he could sleep in the same bed as his autistic teenaged bride without them touching, because she doesn't like to be touched. That is not cute. That is not sweet. That just serves to remind us all that you wrote a story wherein a GROWN MAN/MURDERER FAKES MENTAL DEFECTS TO STAY MARRIED TO AN AUTISTIC TEENAGER.


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