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July 05, 2007

Countdown to Night Shift

It's just a week until the Night Shift premiere!  If you get SoapNet and have a sense of sight, you've likely seen the promo.  SoapNet also has a whole bunch of pages on its website about the show.  And if you've been keeping tabs on us here at Serial Drama, you know we've got our typing fingers at the ready to recap each of the episodesPromising Ingénue is going to kick things off with the premiere and we'll probably alternate from there.  We look forward to chronicling how many things Jason Thompson does hotly, and maybe other things if they can possibly be as interesting.  So, are you counting down until the premiere?  Dreading it?  Ruthlessly being denied it because your local cable company sucks?


I am sooooo looking forward to Nightshift...not so much to venturing to my parents under some guise every Thursday so I can watch... I think I should start thinking up excuses...claims of wanting a homecooked meal will only work so long

Wasn't there already a show about doctors and the ups and downs of love? Decades old ... I believe it was on ABC, called ... General ... something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Snark aside. I'm looking forward to it, if I can't get my Genereal Hospital *on* General Hospital, I'll take Night Shift.

I can't even express how excited I am for the Night Shift. With all of the promos and pictures of JT and Kimberely... July 12th isn't getting here soon enough for me!

My heart voted, so we choose #1 because I'm dying for more Patrick and Robin yummi-ness, but had my head voted, we would have gone with #2.

I've seen an episode summary for episode #2 and while Jason got a mention, neither Robin nor Patrick, the supposed stars of the show, were anywhere to be found. While I'm sure they will be there, apparently they aren't that important...not as important as the mob even on a freakin' spinoff centered around the hospital created due to them not being able to fit the hospital into General HOSPITAL. Sounds like more of the same to me.

But Robin and Patrick doing it in the shower...yeah, I'll still be there for that 5 second scene before we cut to Jason. Because I'm a masochist. And because they are too damn cute.

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