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« Night Shift Episode 1: Frayed Anatomies | Main | GH: In Quotes »

July 13, 2007

Go Fug Yourself, Night Shift

Jessica at GFY explores one of the 57 things that bug me about that Night Shift ad that has been everywhere for the last two months:  Fug the Ad: Night Shift: General Hospital: Could I Have Any More Colons in This Headline?  I hadn't thought of the Jennifer Love Hewitt comparison, but it is spot-on.  And sad, of course.

Other irksome aspects:

  1. Jason Thompson's scowl (though he's hotly scowling, so there's that)
  2. Kimberly McCullough's blank/bitter model-y stare (you have your own show, sweetie, cheer up!)
  3. that Steve Burton is on it
  4. Steve Burton's hair
  5. the size of Steve Burton's neck
  6. that Kimberly McCullough is shirtless but Jason Thompson is not


Hooooow could Jason Thompson's scowl be irksome to you in that promo pic? Look at his frackin LIPS. ::guh::...::ahem:: I know the pic is heavily doctored... well, maybe not, Kimberly's bangs still look really, really bad... but, again, look at his lower lip. !!! And that hotly come hither look. !!!

But I agree with all other points made, especially those relating to Steve Burton's disturbances. I don't understand it. He was so cute.

And, of course, the injustice of Jason Thompson being fully clothed while Kimberly McCullough not only appears to be naked, but her waist is ridiculously shown to be nearly nonexistent.

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