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July 02, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I have made it clear that I am a fan of General Hospital's Cameron Webber. I think he's pretty much adorable, and I always look forward to his appearances because he's a hilariously good judge of character and calmly plays while listening to the tawdry secrets of Port Charles citizens

One of the reasons that I am opposed to Liz and Jason getting together (and I'm not even that opposed, mostly because I can see the writing on the wall and I don't have the energy to resist anymore) is that I am repulsed by the idea that Jason could be Cam's stepfather. I mean, ew.

FIrst of all, the poor child is already his mother's second favorite kid. Once all of Port Charles knows that Jake is Jason's son, nobody will ever pay attention to Cameron again. He's going to be spotted forlornly riding Chugging Charlie around the docks, eating Cheetos, barefoot and crying.

Secondly, the scary penthouse is no place for a child! What would happen if Jason was reading Cameron a book (or, um, Cameron was reading Jason a book) and Jason was like, "as fun as this is, I have to go out for a little while and shoot someone. No worries, he's a bad guy. Everything will be okay. Just, um, stay away from the windows, okay?"

Lastly, after the crap that Jason and effing Courtney did to Cameron's father, it would be sick and wrong for Jason to be Cam's stepfather!

But luckily, I'm pretty sure that Cameron would put up a fight if Liz suggested that they go play happy family with Jason. Because he hates Jason. Hates. Never did I think anything could top "Bitch, please" but in today's episode, right before Liz hurled Cam off the couch, he made the most glorious "Are you FREAKING KIDDING me?" face when he saw Jason.


I know, right? Are they freaking kidding me with the inane, insane and poorly written drivel that counts as soapiness these days?


It's like Cameron is trying to set Jason on fire with the Blazing Gaze of Hatred.

Cameron kicks ass!

I do so love that kid.

But is it just me, or does he bear an uncanny resemblence to Kelly Monoco? I never noticed it until that picture, and I am so totally not saying that I want Sam within 50 feet of a child, but... look at him. I've seen that bitchface before.

Or am I just going nuts?

That kid is one of the cutest. I love him :)

To Cameron I must say this:
"Did you ever know that you're my hero...."

I want to adopt that child and save him for Jason. Or at least have Lucky kidnap him away from the mob or something (hey, they're already making him the bad guy, let's at least have him show a little initiative).

Dear Cam...this little guy rocks. That face says "I despise you with the heat of 1000 suns,cuz you're screwing with my family".

I know! Does Cam, in general get awesomeness level "Red"? Does that translate to another (mostly lame, I know) soap?

Like one second after that screenshot Liz literally thrust poor Cameron aside to run to Jake and Jason. I felt so bad for Cam.

I heart Cam!

I was a Zander fan, just not with Liz, so the very idea of Jason being Cam's stepfather makes me alternatively ill and enraged.

Thank goodness my little Z-baby knows evil when he sees it. What a smart boy!

Any kid who is willing to try to take down Jason with just one look is gold in my eyes.

Aside from his utter disdain for Jason, that look also said to me (in Stewie voice, of course) "He's back?!? Oh that inept woman! I did my part. 'Help Mommy. Look at me. I'm too stupid to tie my shoes!' All she had to do was take the mob brat and get him out of the country. Stupid woman."

Cam ROCKS!!! How is it that a toddler (who probably isn't old enough to speak in complete sentences) can convey with just one look, what it would take me paragraphs to explain as to how I feel about this show in general and Jason in particular? Freaking amazing.

Dude, Cameron is going to be the new AJ (aka Red-Headed Stepchild). The younger child will receive all of the attention, while the eldest plots for revenge. I'm lovin' it already :)

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