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August 13, 2007

Expression Hall of Shame

Over the weekend, I got an email from reader Dena who told me that Friday's episode of All My Children was a must-see. Not because of quality, but because...well, you'll see.

I was sort of AMCed out until today (there is just too much tragedy! I needed a break from it, and I spent that break re-watching marathons of The Hills which...is tragic in its own way, actually) and I just got around to watching it and I really have no words to describe it.

I...I understand what they were going for with the soliloquies and the breaking the fourth wall, and most of the main players (Alicia Minshew, Thorsten Kaye, Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Melissa Claire Egan) did a really good job with it. The subject matter is terribly heavy and the situation itself is enough to make me cry, because I'm a big old sap, so a lot of it was really emotional.

And then there was Cameron Mathison.

I once said, of Mr. Mathison's acting skills, that:

I wish that someone had thought to suggest acting lessons to him at some point in time, because the hoarse way that he yells with crazy eyes to convey anger is really overdone.

And, you know, at the time, my biggest gripe was really about the hoarse yelling, with the crazy eyes being a secondary annoyance. But after Friday's episode, I'm pretty sure that the crazy eyes will haunt my dreams FOREVER.


What the hell is that supposed to be? Anger? Anguish? I mostly feel like he's peering deep into my soul, taunting me with the fact that he can see all of my secrets. "I know that you steal Sharpies from work, Mallory. I KNOW you do. And that's wrong. And because of your crimes, I am going to eat your brain".

I was scared at first, but I tried to be reasonable, all, "Well, you know, it probably is wrong to bring Sharpies home from work, he's got a point there. And he's not used to the whole 'speaking directly to the camera thing', I'm sure it will get better as the show goes on".

There is a reason why I never look on the bright side of things...



Granted, I'm not an actress, so I have no idea how I, personally, would convey my emotions over learning that my son was nearly kidnapped by my ex-wife/in a horrifying accident/is now deaf, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be this...


Well, it's got to be hard talking directly to the camera, maybe it's easier when he's talking to another human?


...oh, okay, then.


REALLY, WHAT THE HELL? It's almost as scary as the maniacally laughing Night Shift clown. Almost.

**Apologies for the crappy, low-tech screencaps, I am new at this. And also, do you really want to see those crazy eyes in crystal clear quality?


OMG! Everyone who has seen that episode that I have talked to has made a comment about his creepy googly eyes. I almost feel bad for making fun of his eyes... My mom asked if he had a thyroid condition that caused his eyes to bug out like that... Side Note: If you haven't watched this episode yey make sure that you don't watch it at night with the lights out. Old Man Lavery will put the fear of God in you!!!

I actually had to put my hand over that first screencap so I'd be able to keep reading your post. I feel violated, Cameron.

That face freaked me out to no end... it made his head look even bigger.

Okay, I give. I no longer find him hot. However, I will also not be able to sleep until 2008, due to crazy-eyes-induced nightmares. Are you happy now?!

In some serial killer movie it was said that when you can see the white of the eye all the way around the colored part it means evil. Just a thought.

Jeeez.....you know, Jack Nicholson's eyes when he was that maniac in "The Shining" did not look as wild and scary as Ryan's!! They say all great acting is in the eyes, and when you watch very good performances you can see that's true. But I don't know what CM is trying to convey with those looks.

I didnt see the eppy, but read about it, lets hope with this much talk, and complaints. AMC will adress it,, true
this actor belongs to Scary movie for a laugh, but not a dramatic scene which we are suppose to cry with

"Granted, I'm not an actress, so I have no idea how I, personally, would convey my emotions. . . "

Soap opera acting encourages the most superficial expression of emotion. Most of the time, rather than have the kinds of conversations humans actually have, the characters have to convey information, repeating in pseudo-conversational ways what has happened, so that anyone who's just tuning in will be able to grasp the storyline without difficulty. Then there's the fade-out-fake-out: you know, where they have to stare into space as a scene ends, wearing an expression that suggests the exact opposite of what the character is really supposed to be feeling (which we'll see in the scene that follows). And then there's the fact that a lot of the casting has to do more with being a "type" than with the talent and skill to bring a character fully to life. Certainly there are some talented actors on soaps. But even then, if they start out young, they learn really bad habits that don't help them develop their talents.

Someone said (I think it was either Shakespeare or Pogo) that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. Ryan's soul is filled with the oozing sores of pestilence and gaping mouth holes of screaming insanity -- and knives, stabbing stabbing stabbing in an endless metronomic cadence while flesh hangs in bloody shreds of eternal pain.


He has that "I am that monster" look again. It's creepy!

Actually, I didn't see "crazy," so much as "Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, who did your hair? Hates it! Come over to my house and I'll give you a rinse while we chat about boys!" But maybe that's just me.

AAAAAAAAH!!!! Jesus. Oh, excuse me, I mean son of Lavery.

Cameron Matheson and Brody Hultzer must be long lost brothers.

Friday's show was crazy. I was like, "what the f is going on here". Everyone was having a monologue like they're in a school play or something. As much as this pictures creep me out, Ryan's oogling at Zach being in awe that step-Daddy would spend his money to save Spike is getting a little downright uncomfortable.

Cameron is a god! His acting skills are far above anything ordinary people can comprehend! he should be doing Shakespeare!

Is he sleeping with Brian Frons? Because what other explanation is there for this dimwitted no talent to still be on this show?

I didn't watch the episode, but I am well aware of Ryan's bug eyes. They drive me crazy. HE drives me crazy. During all the hospital scenes when they weren't sure Spike was going to make it, I fast forwarded his scenes b/c I could really care less.

I did watch the episode and found myself ROFLMAO. I'm sorry, but Cameron Mathison has been on AMC long enough to have improved. It isn't like he is a newbie. But instead of getting better, he just becomes more comical. All daytime acting is not over the top, exaggerated movements and expressions. Others have mastered the fundamentals, what's his problem?

It really was scary & the spitting!! Why does
he do that? And the chest-thumping & bugged out eyes..man!! This guy is terrible! I am
embarrassed for him. Now, if anyone saw today's show (Tu 8/14) their Ryan hating has to be at an all-time high! On top of those scary eyes, now we have the goon spitting at
Zach & BLAMING HIM for what Greenlee has done?
OMG, are the people at AMC looney? Is Janet
from Another Planet writing it now?? WHAT??

Ryass loves Zach!


I mean I thought that he was going to climb over Kendall & Spike to try to make out with him.
...That fighting earlier was just Ryan's frustration over not being able to "have" him...

Wow, those pics are creepy! The first two and also the last one are especially scary because he looks like he's lurking in the shadows to come out and kill someone. I've dreamt of a few soap hunks in my bedroom before but tonight I'll picture him lurking in the shadows -- and not in the "good" way! He looks like a flesh-eating zombie or alien in that second pic. How will I sleep tonight?!! Evil, evil Mallory to show these. If I had your phone number I'd call you at 3AM when I wake up screaming. ;o)

Cameron Mathison is a joke. One of the worst actors I've ever seen anywhere. Hey Cameron go on Wheel Of Fortune and buy a clue!

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