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August 21, 2007

If I Watched, Which I Totally Didn't . . .

. . . my favorites after the season premiere of I Wanna Be a Soap Star (which is looking for a new star to appear on Days of Our Lives for exactly 13 weeks next year) would be Yves and Travis.  But that's really based -- er, I mean, would hypothetically be based -- almost entirely on looks.  As many things in soapdom are.

And if I'd watched the part where the judges had to say what being a soap star required, Michael Bruno would have creeped me the hell out: 

Daytime is, to so many people, their best friend.  Their lover.  Their parent that they've never had or wanted to have.

Uh, I just like it for the pretty people, twisted family trees, over-the-top plots, and in general how easy it is to make fun of.  I didn't realize I was supposed to be taking it so seriously!


Michael Bruno creeps me the hell out on a regular basis. I don't know how there's enough room in the studio for him and his ego.

Exactly why are we supposed to worship this dipshit?

Yes, Michael Bruno's sleazy narcissism and cartoonish egomania is both amusing and skeevy. But what really scares me is that I share a last name with the dude ... which lead me to investigate, where I found this: http://www.mbgla.com/index.aspx . CAUTION: The consumption of beverages is not recommended while clicking on the link.

Your welcome.

I really, really don't want General Hospital to be my parent. It would be the worst parent in the universe.

I am definitely in for Travis...I think he's by far the best actor on the show and there's something very attractive about him. I want him to be a new, competent DiMera henchman.

After watching tonight, I think they should just give the contract to Travis and kick the rest of these amateurs out on their asses. These are seriously the best people they could find? I adore Mary Beth Evans and Hogan Sheffer seems like a decent guy, but they and Bruno are collectively smoking some good stuff if they actually believe that BS about there being so many good actors in the bunch and blah blah blah. The only one of those scenes that wasn't physically painful to watch was Travis's.

Or, um, all of that would hypothetically have been my opinion if I had watched. Not hypothetical, however, is the fact that the headshots on that website are going to come back to haunt you, ElementaryDays.

Amy, I was trying to think of a "good guy with an edge" type character he could play (because lord knows Days needs a few of those in the younger demo). How old is he? Could he be a recast Brady or Eric?

Becca - word.

Indeed, Becca. Despite the sheer hilarity of him taking himself waaay to seriously and cracking me up, the reality that when the amusement wears off, the disgust and disturbia will take over. But right now, the intro is the funniest thing I've ever seen, especially the jazz hands and Daughtry soundtrack (poor Chris, "It's Not Over" will now be associated with that freakin' intro).

Perhaps GH is my abusive parental figure.

Michael Bruno wins the "please stop talking" award, yet again.

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