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August 07, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Oh, Jett.  It's a shame about the whole dumber-than-a-bag-of-hair thing.

Jett: Listen, ah, I think I might have blown my cover.
Abe: Jeremy's onto you?
Jett:  No.  Chelsea Brady.  She knows I'm an undercover ISA agent because I, um, I told her.

But you only think you've blown your cover?  Uh, good luck with all that crime-solving there, Kojak.


"Who loves ya, baby."

My dream that Days would get a new casting director (and a real!live! producer who actually produces) has come true. I hope it doesn't come and bite me on the ass. I really want to watch this show and it keeps fighting me.

That's the kind of deep, intellectual thought I expect from my soaps.

I didn't even notice when Jett said that... all I could focus on was at how physically painful it seems to be for the actor to speak with an American accent.

i'm sorry but emily urging jason to "do that thing you do!" then calling rick lansing, the man charging her brother for murder, a "slimy toad!" and her reasoning for it had to have been the stupidest thing i've ever heard an adult say.

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