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August 21, 2007

The Day's Most Awesome Dialogue

I was going to rant about the title of today's General Hospital.  According to my TiVo, it was "Jason Sacrifices His Happiness."  My rant was basically:  Yeah, you know when he did that?  When he starting KILLING PEOPLE FOR A LIVING!!! 

But then I watched, and it was actually a decent episode.  The "I love you"s between Jason and Elizabeth were, it pains me to admit, quite touching.  Steve Burton and Becky Herbst really play well off each other.  (And yeah, I know, poor dim but gorgeous Lucky, etc., but it's a soap!  They were going to break up eventually.  And stupid ABC sent me an email spoiling that Lucky's going to make out with Sam this week anyway, so my sympathy would have been short-lived.)  Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to get together, as I am still quaintly hung up on the idea that Jason murders people for profit.  Which is why this lil' bit of truth-telling really made the episode for me:

Ric:  You know in your heart that Jason is guilty, Elizabeth.  But you're going to look the other way so that Jason can continue his business with Sonny – killing people without a shred of conscience to slow him down.  Because you're so enamored with Jason, you don't even care.
Elizabeth: You're in no position to judge, with all the hurt that you’ve caused.
Ric: You know what, that's fine.  Fine.  Thank you.  Thank you for opening my eyes, Elizabeth.  I realize now that you're not the angel that I thought you were.  As a matter of fact, you are astonishingly like Carly.  You're willing to lie, and you're willing to rationalize any crime, including murder, if it benefits your precious Jason.

Preach it, Lansing.  I have previously bitched about Ric being a terrible messenger, and I still believe that, but Rick Hearst freaking sold that scene, and plus I've decided I don't care who says this stuff as long as anyone on this f'ed up show is saying it.  It could even be Sonny.  I'd totally ignore the hypocrisy and be all "Woohoo!  Go you!  I love black satin sheets and airborne lowball glasses!  Call me!"

I should probably disclose that it is entirely possible I'm being unnecessarily generous about today's episode because Josh Duhon spent most of it shirtless. 


You know, I spent that entire exchange inwardly screaming with joy at Ric's awesomeness, but the one thing that bothered me is that the "villian" is the one who is speaking the truth, as though we're supposed to see what he's saying as evil.
This show has the most f-ed up moral compass!

Doesnt it though. I seriously scream at the screen "Jason is not Jesus!" at least 3 times an episode.

And I feel bad for Lucky. I mean hes hot. And he shouldnt be played as dumb. He used to be smart...I'm not even talking about the Jonathan Jackson years, I mean like two years ago. And for Gods sakes that is Luke and Laura's son!

I think Guza hates the Spencers because he didn't invent them and never could.

It's why Luke - who adored Lucky and Lulu - is a deadbeat dad. It's why Laura was sent BSC instead of a getting a dignified exit. It's why Lulu is being written as Carly Jr. It's why Lucky Spencer - who managed at age 10 to get across the continent by himself and lived on the run with his parents before that - is now written as dumb as a box of rocks and sacrificed at the altar of Guza's Jergens and Kleenex material, Saint Jasus.

Ms.Chicklet.......Amen. I have been continually disgusted with the disrespect for the Spencer family in general. I was there from day one, and I know how much Luke adored his kids, both of them, as he adores their mother. Lucky was smarter as a 10 year old than he is now. Lulu has more regard for Queen Carly's opinion about her love life than what she knows her mother would tell her. She did grow up with Laura after all! And where's Bobby? I just cringed with anger when I heard NuJerry tell Carly that the tramp Irina is the only woman he ever loved. Whaaaaat?!! He almost married Bobby, and know he acts like he never met her. I HATE,HATE, HATE this re-writing of history. It's insulting to loyal viewers who know GH history. Yuck!

It really is sad how completely and utterly absent any kind of morality is from this show. Ric has done horrible things to be sure but so have Sonny and Jason (along with others) so I will never ever buy him as the villain and SaSon as the heroes. Period.

As such if SaSon get routinely to sit in judgment of whoever they feel like, then Ric can too. Not a single thing he said about Liz or Jason was wrong.

Waving my Ric pompoms high and proud!

To Ms. Chicklet and Skip's girl...word.

That is all.

I actually like Ric. I got over him being tainted by blood relation to Sonny. I liked him when he was holding Liz prisoner in that secret room. I even kinda liked him when he was treating Alexis like crap when she was sick, but maybe that's because I haven't liked Alexis since she was tainted by sleeping with Sonny. He's a jerk, but he's not a mobster or in love with one. Ric is great. Go Ric!

Ric's righteous indignation would work a lot better for me if he weren't mostly pissed because Sonny loves Jason best and now Elizabeth loves Jason best.

I loved LiRic, but I still think part of Liz's appeal to Ric initially was that she'd dumped Jason and Ric could then use that to think he'd beaten Jason at something.

So now he's pissed because Liz sleeping with and protecting Jason - at Ric's expense - means that poor little Ric loses to Jason again.

You are all right! I felt like the voice of sanity (including my own) was coming out of Ric's mouth today in that scene. Loved it!

Loved Ric's truth telling. More, please.

Guess it's just my pure hatred for all things Jason related, but I didn't get anything from the Jason/Liz scenes yesterday. I didn't feel a thing and I wasn't convinced that they lurve each other.

Funniest of all to me was the look on Lying Liz's face as Ric dared to speak the truth. She was trying to work the "Bitch, please!" look, but since she is guilty of that which Ric is accusing her, she can't pull it off like Cam can.

On a completely shallow note: Rick Hearst was looking decidedly yummy, as was shirtless Josh Duhon. More, please.

OMG, that dialogue was awesome. You GO Ric!!!

How could anyone, even knowing Ric's sordid history, watch that scene and not side with Ric? Even though I know that we're supposed to feel all sorry for poor, little Liz and her true love Jesus...I mean Jason. This show does have a very backwards moral compass.

While I liked that scene too (and I still like the character of Ric, despite the really simplistic rationale given for his motives), for me the highlights were the "afterglow" scenes between Lulu and Logan. Most of their dialogue rung true, something I did not expect from this show. Awesome Writer must be on the case!

Yes, I'm thinking that was Awesome Writer's disguise for sneaking in some truth to this effed up show; give the dialogue to the "bad boy" so as to trick the pooflingingmonkey's into believing that their character heirarchy remains in tact while, at the same time, giving the dialogue to one of the most convincing actors on the show, knowing he'll sell it and deliver the message.

chad and elementary days,so true!
i practically screamed at my sister, "hey, look great dialogue! must be awesome writer"!!

I would actually give a damn with Ric if it wasn't for the high horse he sits on. I can't feel sympathy for a man who tried to kill his wife and yet Liz forgave him. He spoke some truths but Liz never wanted to be put on a pedestal by Ric. That was his doing. His life sucks because he put his hatred for Sonny and Jason above both of his marriages. IF GH had a moral compass, Ric along with Sonny and Jason and pretty much everyone but Georgie would be in jail. Ric is the world's biggest hypocrite with the whole Jason will get Liz killed when it was him who actually considered doing the deed.

Sidenote: When he called Sam pathetic and sad for hoping that Jason would take her back, I laughed. RH makes me love to hate him!

I can't hate Ric because I love Rick Hearst far too much. Mind you, when Ric was berating his cancer patient wife and mother of his daughter, I skidded perilously close to the edge. However, RH is such a good actor and tries to find the truth and motivation in whatever crap he's given that I can't completely hate Ric Lansing.

Saying that Liz was "astonishingly like Carly" was music to my ears - it had never occurred to me before but it rang so true!

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