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September 26, 2007

Best Comment Ever

All of you who read Serial Drama regularly and comment, telling us you agree with our opinions and think we're funny, or disagreeing and providing a reasoned and witty counterpoint, we really do appreciate you.  But I'm sure you'll forgive me when I say that this comment I received last week is the best in the history of the site.

i think you people writing are the most scathing speaking people i have ever run into! yes, i think any soap goes thru lulls in thier story lines but dont freaking watch them if you are so diggusted! im sitting here nauseated reading the mean things you have said about every single person on day time!!!!!!!!!! if you had any talent you would be in L.A doing some form of acting on a soap . i think you are troubled pepole that have to completly trash other people to survive !i will not ever read anything on this site again. my hats off to all of teh cast on general hospital ! katie f

This brilliant polemic really has to be examined more closely.  Remember those sentence diagrams we had to do back in grade school?  I would love to have the use of those for this purpose, but alas, technology limits me. 

i think you people writing are the most scathing speaking people i have ever run into!

It's evidence of my true nature that I'm kind of proud of this "most scathing speaking" distinction.  And I realize that by putting this comment on blast I am in fact upping the scathing factor to a new level.  Does that bother me?  Not really.  There is also the possibility that "you people writing" applies not just to me and Mallory, but to our commenters as well.  So share the love, dear readers!  Embrace your scathing-speaking-ness.

im sitting here nauseated reading the mean things you have said about every single person on day time!!!!!!!!!!

This cracks me up because the comment is to this [two-month-old] General Hospital post, which is 1) about one week of one soap, and 2) arguably the most positive one I've ever done about GH.  I mean, for god's sake, I even said Sonny and Jason weren't really bugging me, and Maurice Benard was a little bit hot!  And I didn't insult a single performance!  What do you want, blood?! 

if you had any talent you would be in L.A doing some form of acting on a soap .

Well, sure, L.A. is where every talented person in the world lives and works, and acting on a soap is universally recognized as the peak of human existence.  But unfortunately, my humpback, lazy eye, marginal literacy, and fear of sunshine keep me chained to a professional career in the east. 

By the way, I love "some form of acting."  Is that what the guy who plays Jett on Days does?

i will not ever read anything on this site again.  my hats off to all of teh cast on general hospital !

We're always sad to lose a reader, particularly one of such insight and wit.  My troubled, no-talent self will try to get over it while I ponder the wrongness of my scathing-speaking ways.

Farewell, katie f and your many hats.  Farewell.


Some people just make it so easy, don't they? :)

However, I have not a doubt that poor Katie F is indeed representative of GH's current target audience. That in and of itself makes me appreciate your scathing commentary all the more, because I sincerely doubt that I will ever again see anything so wittily written on GH.

btw, technological limits aside, is it even possible to diagram a sentence with that many run-ons?

Eh, you'll always run into people who don't like you or what you have to say...especially on the internet. I find people are unusually cruel and intensely opinionated sometimes when in real life, they probably only talk to their webkinz (if you don't know what those are, save yourself the trouble and don't ask a 10-year-old...longest conversation of my life).

Moving on...The Office is tomorrow night!!!

I ASSUME there will be a blog about its awesomeness? ;) PS target has kickass office stationary and "I heart Jim" magnets in the dollar bins! Check it out! I spent 20 bucks there today on stuff I probably don’t need...

Is Katie new to the internet??? Because this place has some of the most positive insights on soaps... ok maybe not positive, but it sure as hell is funny without being cruel!

Good luck Katie finding somewhere else to gain some insight on GH.

Oh, look, there's Guza's target audience! Seriously, you scathing-speaking pepole, offending a bastion of wit and grace like katie f-what teh hail is wrong with yu?!

Seriously, I've had 3 kids, and they were all hell on my bladder-warn a bitch before posting something like this so I don't pee on myself laughing, would you?

Apparently katie f didn't get the memo. Not only do people with talent act... they also get their own column in Magazines. All I can say is keep up the scathing comments. If we can't honest about the soaps we watch them who can?

Poor katie f! She is likely stamping her feet and pounding her fists against her keyboard.

Oh, my dear katie f. I can unerstand you're consern about the women who write this columm. Clearly, they are talentless hacks who use there position to insult and demeen acting giants like Drake Hogestyn, Kamar de los Reyes, and even *gasp!* Maurice Benard. It is true that actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett, and Johnny Depp - none of whome has ever appeared in a soap and who largely avoid LA - are untaltned losers who can only hope to acheive the success of a Forbes March or a Derk Cheetwood. Please, in the interst of lower blood pressure and sanity, don't ever read this blog agian. You and you're hats are better off over at abc.com (or other simular places) where your opinions and obviously keen insites wil be appreciated and even appla... appled... app... clapped for.
PS: This post was written with the help of my English to Moron dictionary, to facilitate your understanding, katie. Now, go tell your Uncle Brian that you stuck up for him.

thats for sure, bro

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