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September 04, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

I know, what with her hack related tendencies, that Lynn Marie Latham isn't used to winning Best ________ for anything (aside from, of course, Best Dismantling Of the Greatest Soap on Television) so she must not have known exactly what to do with herself after she won tied for the Best Daytime Drama at this year's Emmy ceremony, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

(I mean, obviously, it ain't not broke and is frankly begging to be fixed, but I don't expect her to realize that. See above re: hack related tendencies)

I have to say, I didn't think that even LML would decide that the best way for her to win the Emmy outright, rather than tie, was to repeat every single story from last year. That's, like, a whole new brand of low.


  • Phyllis was kidnapped by Sheila (who had Phyllis's face at the time) and, during her imprisonment, we were treated to weeks of assorted Genoa City folk remembering how Phyllis is the most angelic angel to ever grace the earth with her angelic presence


  • Phyllis is on her way to the slammer and we're being treated to weeks/eons of people talking about how Phyllis is the most amazing person to ever amaze people. Like when Daniel was sick once when he was little? She totally made him soup. It's totally heartwarming if you overlook the fact that Phyllis didn't have custody of Daniel when he was little. Soup, y'all! That's real love. 


  • WHO KILLED CARMEN MESTA?! Let's look at a huge list of principle characters who could have done it before learning that it was actually a random who did it!


  • WHO KILLED JI MIN?! The show is trying to present all of Genoa City as a suspect, but you know it will be a random. My money's on Genoa City Athletic Club Extra #56, although Crimson Lights Patron #5 is looking pretty suspicious, too.

    The most tragic part about Ji Min leaving is that it inspired this from Becca:

    BTW, is it true Y&R shitcanned the Daytime Emmys sarong guy?  That’s sa-rong!  A pun!  I hate myself


  • Minutes after Carmen was killed, we were introduced to her identical cousin, Inez! Who was promptly forgotten about, but whatever.


  • If you miss Will Bardwell and are sad that he was killed off for no apparent reason other than that this writing staff has a hard on for killing people off, have no fear, because he, too, has an identical cousin! Wacky!


  • Jack Abbott was apparently more despicable than an amoeba on a flea on a rat


  • Jack Abbott is apparently more despicable than an amoeba on a flea on a rat. Because it's apparently a new and exciting plot for a politician to be accused of being shady. The intrigue!

I know that budgets are tight, but come on, have we really come to the point where we need to re-use scripts? Let's stop gluing faux Swarovski crystals onto Amber's cell phone and use that time to write new stories, people.


I cannot believe you put my private email pun on blast! I loathe puns! If I were not as nice a person as I am, this is where I would retaliate by telling everyone that you are contemplating a crush on Zac Efron.

You're joking about the Bardell cousin right? Lynn Marie Latham can not be that lame.

Considering the hateful way they're writing Jack, it's pretty much a matter of time before he's arrested for propositioning an undercover officer in the Genoa City Athletic Club's bathroom.

Also, Zac Efron? Really? Sigh.

"WHO KILLED JI MIN?! The show is trying to present all of Genoa City as a suspect, but you know it will be a random."

THANK YOU! I can't remember the last murder mystery that was enjoyable. (Hell, I'm still bitter about the George Rawlings debacle.) They get worse and worse every year. The formula is hackneyed beyond belief.

[Everyone in town acts mysterious for a couple of days while skulking around and plotting] + [character dies] + [months of boring crap that probably includes someone being wrongly convicted of murder] = [dayplayer did it].

There is absolutely no suspense any more. There's never an explanation of WHY everyone was acting mysterious and skulking about, and head writers boast that they didn't know who was guilty until halfway through the story.

I'm completely unspoiled, but please -- there's no way it was anyone except for the dayplayer who came to town to look for Plum. He bores me so much I can't even remember his bloody name! And of course, we're still going to be expected to love Amber even though she was the one who sicced whatshisname on Ji Min.

Last week, all I had was Ji Min, Jill, Katherine, and Cane. Now I'm down to 3. Even FFing Amber the Whore and Phyllis the Martyred Mother of the Year crap pisses me off. I can't believe how bad this show is.

You're joking about the Bardell cousin right? Lynn Marie Latham can not be that lame.

Nope, she's dead serious. His name is Jeffery and..... he's an evil twin. Isn't that SHOCKING?

LML sucks so much. Why hasn't anybody behind the scenes not doing anything about it? I wonder if they're waiting until the show drops from the #1 spot for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Oh my goodness, we must be related. I have been thinking everything you wrote....BRAVO!

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