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September 11, 2007

Oh, Kirsten

Kirsten Storms was busted for DUI over the weekend. Not cool, Kirsten. Not cool.

(Also, I know that soaps are considered, like, the ghetto of high culture [although that should probably be reconsidered, what with the Rock of Love and Who Wants to be a Superhero shows out there], but would it have killed them to fact check and see what show she's actually on now?)

(And! I feel dirty admitting to reading TMZ, but TMZ has a copy of the police report and it says she's 5'3" and 110 pounds, which can't possibly be right. Maybe when she actually was on Days, but not so much now...)


I saw that report and just shook my head. LiLo/Paris/Britney Syndrome has spilled over to daytime players. Tragic. But, if I worked for Guza and the shipwreck that is GH, I'd probably be a little self-destructive, too. There's no way I could get through reading my script without being smashed. She was probably coming from a read through. I hope she had clean panties on...

In her defense, at her weight she could probably be over the legal limit from the liquor in a chocolate mousse. Not that she'd eat a chocolate mousse, mind you. Or any dessert. Or any entree. What were we talking about? Oh, right: Dumb move, Kirsten.

The weight, I'm guessing is her drivers license weight, which could be from several years ago.

And yes, Kirsten you get the finger wag of shame. Just because you're dating a rock "star" doesn't mean you need to act like one.

This is sad news about KS. First, we think she must have some kind of eating disorder as she has become alarmingly skinny and now this to add to the apparently self-destructive behaviour.

I realize that GH is a business and as such, cannot dictate what an employee does in his/her personal life. But by the same token, it IS the Employer's responsibility to intervene when an employee seems to be spiralling out of control, if only by offering an employee assistance programme.

This is another example as to why Genie is so needed by this show. She went through similar things as KS when she was a teenager on GH and I'm sure she could offer advice and wisdom as to how to deal with these problems.

I really hope this DUI is just a youthful indiscretion on KS's part and not a symptom of a larger problem. Get some help, sweetie, before it overwhelms you.

Hey clean or not...at least she HAD panties on! Step up on the train wreck meter! (I think...wasn't paying THAT much attention to tell the truth.)

And I agree...she had to have read her new script and thought..."only ONE way to deliver this dribble or even begin to understand it. Pass the Bailey's!" (or insert your own special posion there!)

Had to comment further cause I found this hillarious. Over at MSN.com...they reported about it...is it just me that finds it funny they report her VOICE OVER work on Kim Possible before they mention GH in the second paragraph?

I mean there's your show is unimportant...and your show is unimportant when compared to a cartoon.


Don't forget disney is more powerful than GH/ABC...
I think she's 110. I saw pics of her and she didn't look as bony/skinny as on TV. But this definitely explains the weight loss...constant smoking and drinking...cause I didn't get the feeling she was throwing up/not eating. I don't think she's eating much but I don't believe she's starving herself.

I really like her so I hope she gets help. I don't want to see her end up like Lilo. She needs a talking to from family/friends.

Well Disney owns ABC...so that makes it even funnier to me...but admittedly I find strange things funny.

Whats even funnier is one site started off with, "Kirsten Storms, who plays kidnapper Belle Black on DOOL..." haha.

Stupid move, IA, but I couldn't imagine having to deal with being arrested, and then having the arrest splashed across websites everywhere. I hope if shes sick she gets better. or if she just made a dumb decision she doesnt do it again.

KS is a great actress, and none of this is going to make me like her any less!

I hope she shapes up soon. I think her boyfriend has some bad influence on her.. She started dropping serious weight when they hooked up, she started smoking, arrested for DUI, she never hangs out with Farah, Alexis or any of her other older friends anymore..

I saw an article about this on E! Online and someone in the comments said that it's ironic that her on-screen BF on Days was also arrested for DUI and that it must be the DiMera curse. :)

1986 - ks has smoked for years, there are photos someone pulled from myspace of her and alexis out smoking on numerous occasions

wouldn't suprise me if she were a drinker and a druggie...Think about it....look at her dramatic weight loss....Either she's using drugs or she's anorexic/bulemic

It was a one time thing. GH, ABC, &/or Disney aren't responsible. The weight loss is a result of a busy life which includes growing up, working, working out, hanging out, etc.
Days' Shawn was charged with drug possession and Kirsten had absolutely nothing to do with that. The actor is also now clean & sober and has joined the GH cast.
GH is a wonderful soap!

I am addicted to soap operas!

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