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September 10, 2007

Take Your Own Words to Heart

A couple of weeks back, Annie Wersching's Amelia had this fabulous line, in reference to Sam's stupid talk show that nobody would ever watch if it actually existed:

Amelia:  Recasting is a LOT of trouble.  And it usually ends up a disaster.

Don't I know it, sister!  (That Greg Vaughn was in that scene, though…burn.) 

Anyway, now that the news is that Wersching has been cast as a series regular on 24 this season, I must ask that GH take a rare good piece of dialogue to heart, and not recast.  It seems like this is a good opportunity to sunset both the character and the asinine "talk show about Sam's heroic...ish exploits" storyline. 

So long, Fivehead (note: is a term of endearment). We hardly knew ya, Amelia.  Well, we did, and at first we were annoyed by you, then we grew to adore your crazy self, but then you started worshiping Jason (because there just isn't enough of THAT on this show) and we became pretty indifferent to you.  Love the new hair, though!


I think I'll actually miss her. She has been a bit of a pain (and she lost a big part of my vote during the Jason+secret pain=admiration she got hung up on), but she was fun there in the beginning. I don't really think they need to keep the character though. Of course, I believe that about a lot of the recast/new actors as well.

Let's see. Kelly Monaco resigns conditional to allowing time off to pursue other projects. Ingo R resigns with the same conditions and lept to a summer off when he barely had returned from his winter break. Tony Geary works l/2 a year. Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes, and Tristan R have been hired for upcoming stories.
She states she has not been approached, money is not the object, and she is willing. Give me Genie's acting any day over one dimensional Emily (NL), the two ranges of shrew Carly (Laura W), Sonny's (Maurice B) mumbling, Steve B's (limited stare at best) Jason, and Elizabeth's (Becky H) whinning. I refuse to watch this show and have been GH free for 3 months now. What freedom from watching crap!

How did I miss this before: "scarier than Kim Jong-Il." You are fantastic!

I kind of liked Amelia, but maybe that's because I found Annie Wersching appealing; after all, the character of Amelia never made any sense, and once she started in with the "Jason saved my life" blather, she started going into negative numbers. So I'm with you. After all, Amelia hasn't been around, they seem to have dropped Everyday Heroes, and the Carly-Reese/Sam-Amelia redux she-slept-with/murdered-my-father story line fizzled, as did the Sonny-Amelia sex capades. . . so what would be the point of recasting a character that barely exists?

I agree that they shouldn't recast. What an absolutely pointless character.

Poor Greg Vaughan though. He's so disrespected on the show.

As I've stated here before, I quite like Ameila (that might have something more to do with AW, though), despite the Sonny sex romps (eewww). But I agree, there is no need to re-cast this role - it was pretty much pointless to start with, other than to introduce another made-up version of Sam's past and Amelia's recent 'shipping of Jason ruined most of my good will towards her.

Best of luck to AW on her new gig. I hope it works out for her.

Goodbye Amelia...didn't care to know you and won't miss you when your gone.

Of course with one less member of the Jason Harem...that means someone else must be bitten by the Borg bug......so who will the next victim be? Because there can not be any more than TWO female characters at any given time on the canvas that dont' think the sun shines out of his rear end.....Georgie and Maxie fill that quota...(If Sam didn't still think that...she'd actually blame JASON for his piss poor decision skills and not Elizabeth for "forcing" him to do this. Did I miss the episode she held the gun to his head? Did I? So Sam is firmly still in the harem in my book. Seriously announcing your crazy revenge plans to your ex? Can we say obvious cry for help and rescue?)

So the question becomes.....who is the newest member of the Succubus Harem?????

Somebody please explain this to me. If SHE can get a role on a successful very well done show like 24 why can't KM or TG get a great role on a great show? KM has done some amazing work elsewhere, but 24 is stellar. I would love to see the REAL GH talent find great work elsewhere and save themselves from Guza Frons Hell, GH.

See ya' fivehead. One less Sonny ho and Jason fan, hardly a bad thing. In her absence three will come to replace her though. Tragic.

But if this means the end of Everyday Heroes I say it's about damn time. Sam will be all up in another mobwar while pretending to be America's Heroine, puhlease, bite me.

I agree with you, Cil.......my blood boils every time I think about the deals they offer actors to come and go as they please, while the amazing, Emmy winning Genie Francis is not getting the call. It makes no sense at all. Maybe they just do not know how to write a story around a character who is not in love with a mobster.

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