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September 04, 2007

They Should Have Gone With Another Rerun

I can't decide what the most outrageous thing on today's GH was.

  • Jax apologizing to Carly for having been attacked by Irina, and begging Carly to take him back. 
  • Jax telling Carly she is worth fighting for.
  • Carly putting snotty airquotes around "have to" when yelling at Jax about him "hav[ing] to sleep with Irina."
  • Carly smirking when Jax said Irina could have killed him or Carly.
  • The juxtaposition of Lucky and Liz's argument over actual adultery with Carly screaming at Jax for having been forced to have sex after being beaten and held at gunpoint.
  • Putting poor Lindze Leatherman in that hideous outfit, which contained both an appliqué flower over one of her boobs, and a floral canvas handbag.
  • Sonny and Kate kissing, John and Marlena style, to close the show. 

I thought we were done with the barrel-bottom-scraping, but it's like they broke through the bottom of that barrel, and there's a whole new barrel to go.  It looks like the last one, and has a lot of the same crap in it, but it's even lower.  Amazing.


Ah, thanks for this, I was 90% planning to skip everything Carly and Jax related when I watch today's show, and now I am 100% planning on doing it.

Stupid, stupid show.

Hey...look on the bright side:

1. There wasn't an ONS today
2. Not one of the females seems to be pregnant
3. No cheesy mob war shootout
4. Georgie! Screentime-wise, a Georgie day isn't much less rare than a Ned day.
5. I believe, and I haven't watched yet today, that Lucky and Liz didn't lie ONCE in their whole conversation.
6. Couple scenes...not incredibly angering and devastating ones...almost couple happiness, really, for GH,

This is the first show I feel like watching in weeks...mostly because I want evidence that Georgie continues to live, but also partially because I want to see couples talking about things. That's what happens on a soap usually, right?

Saddens me to hear that the bottom of the barrel is still being scrubbed clean.

Thanks, Becca. You took the words right out of my head. Why, why why do they keep shoving obnoxious Carly down our throats day after day? It's insane. Why base a whole show around a character so unlikeable. Ingo must be wondering why he came back from a nice vacation to play this crap. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, TPTB have a beautiful, talented true heroine to be the center of this show waiting for a call from them......Genie Francis. If IR and TG get deals that allow generous vacations so they can live outside California, there is no reason they can't offer that to GF.

OLTL has been pretty good lately (there are veteran actors that have been actually getting lots of screen time lately, for one thing), so good I almost get whiplash transitioning from that show to "General Hospital." For instance, going from Blair Cramer - that show's token morally ambiguous, strong female character - to present-day Carly Jax almost kills me. Today Blair was, astonishingly enough, acting like a recognizable human by trying to defuse a tense confrontation between her ex-husband (who was a rape victim at the hands of a woman once, by the by) and another man, instead of pulling a Carly by shouting at both of them and accusing her ex-husband of committing adultery by letting himself get raped by a sociopath.

Man, just tell me when Carly and Jax break up for good and she goes back to Sonny for the 5000th time so I can start watching again. Maybe.

Yes, but turn the sound down, and Jax and Carly are still the prettiest couple on GH.

There were characters other than Robin and Patrick on yesterday? I was too caught up in their yumminess to notice. MUCH better than a rerun. But usually I would agree.

I have to say, taking away the Carly/Jax debacle (which is easy for me to do since I just hear bells and whistles when they talk anyway), I actually quite enjoyed yesterday's show. It focused on couples and (dare I say it) honest conversation. Heck, I even paid attention to SONNY. That's a major thing for me.

Mostly I think enjoyed it because it was quiet. No one was screeching at the top of their lungs (well, except Carly, but again, bells and whistles), no guns were being fired, no empty threats being thrown around. It was almost like the characters were (*gulp*) ADULTS. What a concept!

Becca, you're the best!

I love to read your column and I agree wholeheartedly with you! GH is a mess! There is no end to the barrel, Guza and Frons stupidities are bottomless!

At least I can laugh about it when reading your column!

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