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September 10, 2007

The Day's Most Disturbing Dialogue

Sonny:  Letitia was killed, Michael.  Looks like it might have been one of my enemies. [Inappropriate!  -Ed.]
Michael:  You have to kill them, dad.  I loved Letitia.  You have to make them pay for killing her.
Sonny:  That's not the answer, Michael.
Michael:  I don't care.  You can't let them get away with -
Sonny:  Enough!  Letitia loved you, very much.  She wouldn't want you to grow up to be the kind of person who would want revenge.
Michael:  They have to pay for killing her.

1) How f'ed up is this kid?!  If I am supposed to feel anything other than terror or a full-body cringe at even the mention of Michael's name, this show is failing miserably.  Can't they just SORAS him to 18, so I can feel less bad about wanting a fictional character to get caught in the mob crossfire?
2) Since when is Sonny the voice of restraint in a mafia-related conversation?  It makes me feel icky.
3) People, they killed off the nanny to start yet another mob war, and also to set up the biggest mobsters in town as the victims.  I really need some kind of chart so I can accurately pinpoint just how far below acceptable this show does.  I think I remember from geometry that some lines are infinite, so that will help.

Oh, and this:

Sam to Jerry, indignantly:  You're serious?  You want me to sleep with my sister's grandfather?!

Let me just put on my very best Cameron face and say:  Bitch, please. 

Sam:  If all you wanted was secrets out of Trevor, why didn't you just hire yourself a hooker, or something?
Jerry: No, no, no, Trevor's way too smart for that.  Come on!  You, on the other hand, can bring up any name without raising Trevor's suspicion.  Because you've slept with all of them.

Ha!  Two points to the psychopath.

But poor terribly wardrobed, horribly written-for Kelly Monaco.  The only thing I'm looking forward to is that if Sam follows through with all this revenge sex, it's likely to send her to the bottom of a bottle, and I swear there are few better things on daytime than Kelly Monaco playing drunk.  Cheers, Sam! 


Thanks Mallory, for reeling all of that in. I love reading your Serial Drama, but for a moment it was getting to be a turn off. I don't want to boycott GH because I like the show.

I love opinions, but we all have opinions, and not all are the exact same. It's great to live in a country where we have freedom of thought and speech.

I don't enjoy GH for its realism, I enjoy it for its escapism. I never started watching the show expecting any more than that.

All soaps lean on overly ridiculous.

After today's show, and possibly people reading your disgust with the mob stories, I noticed a trend, that started with Georgie's speech. I think there are signs of new life. Maybe GH will turn a new leaf. I look forward to that day - although, a little violence (conflict) is kind of needed in soaps. XD Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.


"She wouldn't want you to grow up to be the kind of person who would want revenge."

Too late. MyKill once threatened his maternal grandfather's life and threatened Lorenzo with a hit. He is going to keep on dancing down Psycho Street until he gets flattened by all the bad karma he, Sonny, Jason and Carly have built up over the last 10 years.

My mouth was open as I heard that and then when I realized Michael,who I hate and think is the devil's spawn... which he kinda of is,is a little Sonny. Its sad this is the 'future' of GH because they can't live forever right?! Eventually the monkey virues and the explosions and whatnot are gonna get them so then we're gonna have to watch themand have it be the same thing, and I'm so sure even though Michael (who is Sonny) and Jake (who is Jason) may not have the Sonny and Jason name I'm sure their kids will and then JOY its um... 2000s all over again!

Though I must say Jerry's line to Sam was awesome, haha gets me everytime that he called her a whore, while hers was eh worthy because um... why not their grandfather, you slept with their father/stepdad/mommys hubby/pyscho dude (and I was told to stay away from the crazies) but not their grand dad?! All I can think of is, he's too old OR its not twisted enough...

* ...gonna get them so then we're gonna have to watch their kids and have it be the same thing...

Apologies, Mallory & Becca, for my part, unintentional though it was, in that conversation. If we didn't have GH , we wouldn't have your blog, which is way too much fun to do without. Now, if I may, line of the day, if not the year:

"You can real ass sometimes."

Oops! Oh, my God, re above, I just realized I accidentally lopped off who said the line to whom, leaving my post open to misinterpretation--so sorry! It was Mike's line to Sonny today, and that's all I was referring to. I sure loved it!

Sam, played by Kelly Monaco, is the most ripped apart, torn down character I've witnessed in a long time. This says one thing to me....this girl can act to get this much reaction. SHE'S EXTREMELY BELIEVABLE. I also think KM is a great sport for being able to get through some of the contrived writing. I'm certain if given the choice...she would at least be reciting lines that had less laughability to them. She's great, and I love her! I'm anxious to see her each day and what crazy antics the writers have her up to next. She's very entertaining and in a TOUGH spot character-wise.

When Michael said those lines, i was sick to my stomach. I was like WTG Sonny and Carly. They got mad skillz on parenting that's for sure. *sarcasm*

The writing of the character Sam is so transparent...it's a joke. Obviously, the hate Sam reaction is not happening...so, the writers keep sinking this character lower and lower. Sorry, this fan will love Sam regardless of what the contrived writing tries to accomplish. It seems the writers hate women, and this woman is totally sick of it. GH has changed so much, it's becoming impossible to watch.

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