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September 05, 2007

The Role of Babe Carey Will Now Be Played By...

I am a liar.

Remember how I recently said "I know they will never get rid of Babe, but she might be easier to stomach if she wasn't played by someone so insanely smug"?

I lied. Babe will never be easier to stomach. Never!

Especially since she's going to be played by Amanda Baker, known to many of you as the slightly dim-witted, murderous Jolene on General Hospital: Night Shift. Nothing against Ms. Baker, but, as written, Babe is such a horrible character that it would require a great actress to make her anything but wretched. And her tenure on NS has told me that, uh, she's not so much with the great (although she is the best of the Pink Ladies. That's damning with the faintest of faint praise, but, hey, a compliment's a compliment). So this could be interesting or it could be a trainwreck...or it could be an interesting trainwreck.

The most irritating thing of all, though? Is this:

Explains a show rep, "[Havins's] Babe will hug Krystal and when they separate from the hug, it will be Amanda Baker [in] the role."

That's so painfully true to AMC's All Babe All The Time philosophy. It's like they can't even stomach the thought of having Babe offscreen for thirteen seconds, so they need to do an instant recast. I hate you, AMC.


At least it isn't Alicia Leight Willis in the role. That's what I was expecting.

Wow, smacks of Days' old-Jack-goes-in-the-shower/new-Jack-goes-in-Jennifer-in-the-shower switch-up a few years ago.

...hmmm. My reply needs more hyphens.

Hey, how do I find out where the green sweater that Melissa claire Egan has been wearing came from.I tried looking up wardrobes and other stuff....do you think you can find out?

And I thought the Jack-in-the-shower scene mentioned above was the worst actor switch ever.

it's like we get a constant, painful reminder of NS everywhere we turn...

Unless AMC intends to seriously cut back on the Babe worship and airtime (which I doubt), I am not sure this actress is up to this job.

Maybe she'll surprise me.

I won't be holding my breath though.

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