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September 06, 2007

The Year's Most Awesome Dialogue

In Bob Guza's immaculate corner office, a tired, pale writer walks in, warily looking around at the Steve Burton posters adorning the wall and approaches Guza, who is sitting at his desk, absentmindedly playing Solitaire.

AWESOME WRITER: Um, Bob? Do you have a second?
BOB GUZA: Oh, look who it is! What's goin' on? You look really pale. Maybe you need Kelly to take you to Mystic Tan...
AWESOME WRITER: I'd probably have more color if I was ever let out of my office...
BOB GUZA: Pardon?
AWESOME WRITER: Never mind. So, I've been thinking: you know what this show needs more of?
BOB GUZA: Mobsters?
BOB GUZA: Carly?
AWESOME WRITER: God, no. I was actually thinking we need more Georgie.
BOB GUZA: What the hell is a Georgie?
AWESOME WRITER: Frisco and Felicia's daughter?
BOB GUZA: The slut?
AWESOME WRITER: No, the other one.
BOB GUZA: Oh, right, the other one. What about her?
AWESOME WRITER: You know, we just never see her. I was thinking we can maybe put her with Spinelli and have her, uh, be, maybe, his conscience about wanting to be part of the mob.
BOB GUZA: Why on earth would anybody try to dissuade someone from being part of the mob?
AWESOME WRITER: Because it's illegal, immoral and done to death, no pun intended, on this show?
BOB GUZA: Okay, you're going to have to explain why that's a problem.
BOB GUZA: Fine, you can write a scene for Gina or whoever. But on one condition--you have to dress her as unflatteringly as humanly possible. Wardrobe has some stuff obviously purchased in Dress Barn in 1998. Put her in that and you've got a deal.

And that, dear readers, is how we came to hear the most amazing bit of dialogue spoken on GH:

Let's be honest -- he kills people for Sonny...Even if all the people that Jason's ever killed deserved it, it is still a relentlessly negative, destructive way to live your life.

Thank you for fighting the good fight, Awesome Writer!!!


I was watching GH half asleep this morning and I thought I was dreaming when I heard that! I loved Georgie! She is my new hero. I can't remember anyone before her just coming out and saying Jason kills people. He has been called an enforcer, etc but no one has just blatantly said "he kills people for Sonny." I did a sleepy jig when I realized Georgie really had said that and it wasn't a dream!!

You are the BEST!!! Your comments are right on the money and most of the time sadly true! Maybe Awesome Writer slipped this in under Guza's radar - just a theory:-)

It is a shame that no one but bad guys and characters mostly forgotten by the showrunners ever get to speak the truth on this show, but it is a small victory that the truth gets spoken at all.

Keep it up, Awesome Writer!

This post is just perfect, right down to Dress Barn (!!) and Mystic Tan. I, too, was floored by Georgie's line about how Jason KILLS PEOPLE (I couldn't believe my ears and am glad to know I wasn't hallucinating). But I can't say I want Georgie saddled with a joke like Spinelli, though I'd be happy to see her with a story. Coop seems to be turning into someone with a conscious and approximately half a brain. How about Coop & Georgie as the up & coming super couple?

Yes, that was awesome, but even more awesome was Georgie's assessment of Jason's life. She just came right out there and said that Jason's life was bleak and that Spinelli shouldn't want that for himself. I think that's the first time I've ever heard the mob life de-glamorized so effectively on this pit of a show. Jason's life IS bleak and no one should want to follow in his miserable footsteps.

btw, is it me or has the show now upped itself to 5+ death threats per day? Is this what they call bringing the viewers in for sweeps?

The truth seems to be spreading! Today Jax had the audacity to suggest that the fact that Carly and her children are now in danger is essentially Sonny's fault (although of course Carly objected), Georgie continued with pointing out that Jason kills people for a living, and then Jerry dared suggest that Jason is a good hitman because he is mentally ill.

Between all this, Alexis actually getting a scene (albeit one tied in with the Mob War Storyline XXXVIII), and Lucky appearing shirtless, I'd say today was a rare success.

Yay! Awesome Writer! I've been waiting about ten years for someone to say that Jason "kills people for Sonny" - not enforcer or muscle or protector but KILLER!

Lindze Letherman is a jewel when she's allowed to sparkle (which hasn't been in almost a couple of years). Apparently, she was just as brilliant today (haven't seen it yet) as she warns Spinelli that with the new "scary" mob coming to town, he will be in danger by being connected to Jason. Preach it, sister!

Oops, of course I meant "conscience "in reference to Cooper (not "conscious," though it seems he has indeed begun to wake up). Can't wait to see today's show with more truth-telling from Georgie & Jax. Huzzah!

Georgie actually had the presence of mind to call out Jason for being brain damaged and having the enthusiasm of a rotting corpse.

Unfortunately, Guza forced Awesome Writer to make Georgie say he had great instincts... which is curious to me. Jason's great instincts about people have led him into relationships with one woman who slept with his best friend and another who slept with his worst enemy/her stepfather.

I would comment on the atrocity Georgie is wearing, but my eyes seems to have melted from the mind blowing ugliness of that outfit.

I know Spinelli bugs, but I can't help but find him and Georgie very adorkable. (Yes that was intentional, and yes I am a dork too).

My favorite was the "I mean, I know he's brain damaged, but ..."

Georgie is gold.


I love you.

...not as much as I love Georgie...but I'm telling you it's VERY close.

Georgie speaking the freaking truth has come darn close to making her my favorite character in the show but then Lucky showed up shirtless for the first time in almost a freaking YEAR and well he regained his crown. What can I say? shallow shallow shallow I am. But yes I was in SHOCK when I heard that dialogue...promptly rewound the clip and made it my freaking ring tone! Add no Jason/Liz scenes and I thought it was my birthday.

Of course I fully realize that know Georgie is probably marked for death in MOB WAR TO END ALL MOB WARS as is all people who dare to speak against the Evil Succubus. Or suffer from Soap Opera Personality Brain Transplant Disease (SOPBTD) to make her crazy or slutty or Succubus's next girlfriend.

But until then she is the Wind beneath my wings.

Love the faux dialogue...

You guys should start keeping track of which script writer is credited for these Awesome Writer moments. I'd be interesting to know if it's the same writer[s] is sneaking them by Guza.

Loved the fake dialog, highlighting the first awesome truth telling in a very long time. I love Georgie, and always have. She's been sadly wasted for too long, sacrificed on the altar of Lulu. There is no earthly reason why girl like that should have to stand by and watch the whole town panting after Lulu when she has so much to offer.
She's right, Jason's life is sad and depressing and will have an unfortunate end some day. I am just bored with the "Big Bad Mob Guy" du jour coming to PC to take over Sonny's territory....AGAIN. We know how it will go. The BBMG will die, along with other innocents, and Sonny and Jason will prevail once again. To make PC safe (if you consider the town being run by "Not So Bad, Bad Guys" a good thing)
To think I was actually hoping the November sweeps would be Luke bringing back a very much awake Laura, to stay in PC and give us something to look forward to for a change! Silly me!

I am lovin' Danny! Adorkable? Indeed. Best new word this year!!!

I am not a huge Spinelli fan, his excessive Spinellisms and staunch love for murderers make it difficult, but I love him w/ Georgie. He is calmer and his eyes seem to be openeing a little to the truth.

However, awesome writer has now been been locked back up in his office and reality lives in his scripts alone. Such sad news for all of us. Maybe some more mob=crime+murder+mysogyny+danger+immorality etc.... laced dialogue will appear on air in 2009? If we're lucky.

I too fear this brilliant dialogue by a wonderful talented attractive actress will be bad for her future on GH. Guza's passion for all things mob is too powerful. And we barely see Georgie as is!

And I love seeing her, even though she is dressed like a dumb fat ugly hippie. She is a pretty young woman with a seriously sexy bod. Emmy's, helloooooo! If I were Coop or Logan or Spin I would be chasing her not nasty Lulu or the skeletal Maxie.

WTF GH? Give LL a decent wardrobe, how much could it cost? She is only on air once a month!!!

Brava! Georgie is indeed my new she-ro. Speak it like it is sistah!!

If they can also use this wisdom of Georgie's to even partially remove Spinelli from Jason's arse, I will be even more grateful.

However, I must agree she really does deserve a better wardrobe. :(

I forgot! As much as I loved Ric being human today for a brief moment of sanity and realism, will Molly be any safer with Alexis? Unfortunately Kristina's father is still Sonny! What a shame, she is such a beautiful kid. Being connected to Sonny will likely be her downfall. Her sister Sam already drove her to catatonia.

But this wasn't mentioned at all. Just like Jax and Carly's conversation. Jax took one minute to blame this on Sonny. Good. It's true, if Sonny wasn't a mob boss a rival mob boss wouldn't be gunning for him and his family. But WAKE UP JAX! I know you were just sexually assaulted and reminded what an ass you love and married, but open those eyes before you go down for someone else you love blindly, like your brother.

You married a woman hungry and desperate for money and power and who doesn't mind a life of crimes and murdering to get it and sustain it. In fact she gets off on the whole sick mob lifestyle. She was with Sonny and Lorenzo you idiot! Poor Jax, Guza ruined him with this Carly storyline.

Her and her children are in danger because she chose Sonny over and over again adnaueum. But he can't say that. He isn't even allowed to mention her cheating without her blaming him for being assaulted by a madwoman. And her attack on Jax's character for wanting his brother safe and to be redeemed somehow is a hypocritical joke.

Like she hasn't done or will continue to do worse in Jason's name. She would happily murder half the planet to keep him out of trouble or even just to keep him close! Jerry is Jax's brother. IMO that carries more weight than the sick codependant hero/victim relationship between a braless hateful shedevil and her brain damaged personal superhero.

And don't you love how Guza paints other mobsters as evil and unforgivable monsters while Sony and Jason are moral men, excellent father's, and selfless husbands/boyfriends?

Even seeing Lucky shirtless today (yummy with a spoon, dumb stupid dumb Liz) didn't take the sting away from this whole new mabwar story.

Today's show was the best GH in a long time.

I loved everything Georgie said except when she threatened Logan with Jason. Isn't her uncle the Chief of the PCPD? (Of course, the PCPD are not known for competency and any police-like ability in PC.) I'd think she could have thought of siccing Mac on Logan first; but eh, this is Jason's show. However, she pegged both Jason and Logan correctly - they are jerky mob lovers.

Georgie is just awesome! And I love her with Spinelli. They are so cute together. I think next to Robin and Patrick they are my new favorite couple.

More Alexis (she needs to help her daughter Sam get back on track), more Diane (she shines with anyone), and more Georgie (with Spinelli and Maxie), and maybe some Robin and Patrick, and this show might get back on track.

Despite reading your reviews GH is still my favorite soap. The actors are just the best, and have to make due with what they get. Let's hope awesome writer slips through more often and helps this stellar cast out.


What was with Jason telling Carly that whether she & her boys stay in town or leave is her choice? It's NEVER her choice when Sonny & Jason are around. I know it had to be some kind of anvil (especially 'cause he said it more than once) but WTF was it???

i was smiling from ear to ear when I heard Georgie spoke those words. awesome.

Georgie's little monologue on Wednesday was the single best thing I've seen on this wretched excuse of a show, since I began watching it again last fall. I was caught between stupified shock (that they let her say those things)and feeling like I wanted to dance all over my living room. I love that both Jones-girls see Jason for what he is and are thoroughly unimpressed.

Loved your Awesome Writer/Guza conversation, too. As always, hilarious & so right on!

Okay, I'm commenting on my own post about Carly having a choice; it seemed so damn odd that Jason kept telling her she had a choice, and sure enough - - today Sonny and Jason stormed in to tell her she had "come home" with the boys. So much for "your choice."

BOB GUZA: What the hell is a Georgie?

LOL. Georgie is an awesome character. I've been loving seeing her have scenes this last week. More Georgie Jones is just what this show needs.

Bow down to awesome writer.

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