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October 11, 2007

Dear Robin: Girl, Please Chill...and Also Fix Your Hair

Dear Robin,

You know I adore you, but I have some questions that I need you to seriously consider.

  • As a physician, why are you not able to diagnose your severe case of baby rabies and realize that you're crazily overreacting to breaking up with the hotness that is Patrick?
  • When did your biological clock start "tickin' like THIS" a la Mona Lisa Vito in My Cousin Vinny?  Do you not realize that you are young and only decided like seven minutes ago that you wanted a baby?
  • Why will you not look into a semi-permanent rinse?
  • As a woman with a busy career who is also HIV positive, with little immediate family support (in what hemisphere are your invisible parents currently dangling from helicopters and/or carrying out an assassination plot?), does being a single parent by choice really seem like the best plan at this juncture in your life?
  • Will you please lose the number of the stylist who cut your bangs?
  • Did you seriously make a list of all the guys in town whose sperm you might request?  And did that list of men who are "smart, funny, and kind" not include, momentarily, Sonny (!), and, permanently, Jason (!!) and Spinelli (!!!)?!?!  I can't even get into this any further right now, so let me just sum up my overall reaction as being a tangy mix of "bitch, please"

    Cameronbitchplease                                                                       and OMG, WTF?!


  • And finally, most importantly . . . For the love of all that is good and holy, WHY WOULD YOU CONSIDER PASSING ALONG THIS HAIR TO AN INNOCENT CHILD?



    (Is Steve Burton trying to give me a stroke?  Please tell me if you know.  I'd rather be prepared.)

Please get back to me as soon as possible.  I want to continue to root for you but you are really making that difficult.  Responses to these pressing questions might help.  Also, if you could enclose assorted photos of Patrick with your answers, that would be great.


P.S.  I am not crazy and understand you are fictional.  Therefore, would you please pass along all these questions to the GH writing staff?  Except the ones about hair -- those go to Kimberly McCullough.  You're a gem, thanks!


They are on the road to ruin with this storyline. In a perverse way, that actually makes me happy. If those ratings continue to sink, maybe we will get some serious changes on this show. So, go ahead, Guza, continue chopping up your most popular current couple! Friday's ratings were a 2.2.

BOTH robin and patrick are acting crazy..yes, she is rushing to be a mother because of the breakup, but patrick, who hours before was boinking ms. rebound, leyDUH, shouldn't have been the one to point that out..and patrick telling ms rebound that he wanted her WHILE he was with robin was just a slap in the face to scrub fans..ouch..btw, robin's hair is fine..i'll take over liz's porn star look anyday..

Liz's porn star look? LOL!

I just keep envisioning a bobble head when I look at Liz now. She's wafer thin, with big hair like she's from Dallas, and those big eyes, and it's just weird. She's a living bobble head.

I'm sorry, it just strikes me that way.

Robin's baby rabies, Patrick's loss of hotness, and that hair have all made me tune out.

The HIV pregnancy storyline has always had tremendous potential. Just to prove what a loser he really is, Guza has beyond destroyed it. Why for the love of all that is holy and pure does this man still have a job?!

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA about sums it up!

You know I love you guys, but I have to strongly disagree with this letter-at least until there is a "Dear Patrick" letter asking him who the HELL he thinks he is. I'm sorry, but I'd much rather Robin come across as a crazy, baby obsessed harpy than a faithless, soulless, hateful jerk who, while calling his girlfriend "insecure" and "territorial" and telling her "she made a fool of herself" after finding him in his home alone with a woman she was convinced he had feelings for, ACTUALLY DID HAVE FEELINGS FOR THIS WOMAN, per his conversation with said woman on Thursday. I LOVED what Robin said to Patrick on Friday-I LOVED IT!! It's about time she got to have her say.

And truthfully, I think Patrick looks FAR worse in this story than Robin does-I'm sorry, but he's screwing his rebound chick and then chasing Robin down and "trying to stop her from making a terrible mistake to fill the void left in her heart by him"?! Um, WTF?! Oh, and the kicker-"Robin and I still care very deeply for one another"-funny, because I thought, 8 months ago, he wanted her "forever" because he "loved her beyond reason". Or kicker number two-"I didn't realize this would be such a big blow to you"-um, you DICK, she was in love with you beyond all sense and you said you loved her the same way, and yet you were checking out your options before you even ended the relationship with her, and YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD BE A BLOW?! Is he stupid or just Satan?! THAT was the "Bitch, please!" moment for me.

Her hair isn't my favorite right now, but there are definitely worse 'dos on the show right now. That said, I do wish she would grow it out again-and I think the color is just an attempt to go back to her natural color. But, if not-yeah, work on the hair, darlin'.

But on a far more positive note, how CUTE are Robin and Leo together?! I LOVED the chemistry, and they were so funny and adorable and well-matched....THAT'S what I want to see more of, because, to tell the truth, I don't know how on earth they would redeem Patrick after this. But I still love you ladies and you're still funny as all hell, and I hope to agree with you again soon.

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