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October 02, 2007

First Anniversary Self-Indulgence: Mallory Cracks Me Up

Most of y'all must know this already, but just in case you're new, I must inform you:  Mallory is one funny scathing-speaker.  In celebration of our first anniversary as co-bloggers, I thought I'd share a few of her posts that made me laugh out loud the hardest.  (If I were not morally opposed to them, smiley emoticons would appear in this space.) 

I blame several of my laugh lines on you, Mal, but whatever, there are ways to deal with those.  I hear Hunter Tylo can give me a great referral.


Great List!

"Behind the scenes" is one of the grestest non-fiction works of all time, in my opinion. I believe it should be required reading at all schools, or at least for all aspiring soap writers, to see what scathing-speaking fans will do to you if you do a really, really bad job.

Aw, this is nice. My favorites:
"broken brain people"
The Official NOT List

The crowning of Cameron Webber-Spencer (hey according to the offical abc.com GH family tree Lucky DID adopt Cameron. Of course those things are as reliable as a blind man doing an eye exam but I will take my Lucam love where I can get) the king of "Bitch please" is still my all time favorite post. Countless letters and posts that picture and post has inspired...countless

I just looked back at "Bitch, Please" (always good to re-read something that entertaining and smart), and came across this:

"For starters, Craig's accent is obviously British. Note to the GH writers: all blondeish men with accents are not necessarily from the same country. I know that geography isn't exactly your strong suit, but there are multiple countries in the world and they have different accents. British is not the same as Australian. Oh, but maybe he had an emergency accentdectomy at the same time that he had his radical facial surgery!"

Well said! Now, I don't know if you've been watching as long as I have (humiliating to think how many years that's been) but GH has a history of facial surgery + accentdectomy. If memory serves (though I admit it doesn't always), beloved, charming, sexy Scottsman Duke Lavery went into some kind of witness protection program, and came back as an American. It was painful.

OMG, the best EVER? Jason Morgan sashaying and Cameron's "Bitch, please!" Mal SOOOOO ROCKS, and so do you, Becca! Keep 'em coming-I need something to take my mind off the fact that Epiphany ONCE AGAIN yelled at Robin and was bitchy to her.

Aww! You guys are all so super sweet. I feel all warm and fuzzy!

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