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December 12, 2007

Blasts From the Past

All My Children has gone totally nutty with casting lately: Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are slated to return and Rebecca Budig is recasting her own recast and coming back to the show as Greenlee.


I wasn't an AMC viewer during Angie and Jesse's heyday, what with being born in 1983 and all, but I do know that Jesse is, like...dead. He visited Gillian when she died and was a ghost, so I am assuming that he's going to be a look-alike character--which, according to the ever-trustworthy Wikipedia (I agree with Michael Scott: "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information"), is exactly what happened on Loving/The City. So there's that.

But Oh Em Gee, you guys, Rebecca Budig! I LOVE Rebecca Budig! I think she's one of the most adorable people ever, and I loveloveloved her as Greenlee. I am one of the few people who have gone on record as liking Sabine Singh, and I'm sorry to see her leave, but Rebecca Budig IS Greenlee, so it's going to be nice to have her back. Granted, I have no idea why she's coming back to the clusterfuck that is AMC and, especially, her storyline lately, but still: eeee!


Rebecca Budig's returning to AMC!!!! Dang, I might have to start watching it again!

I feel bad for Sabine Singh. She was working so hard on a storyline that made her a total pariah. Now Rebecca gets to step back in when the character is finally getting her act together. And who knows if Budig will have the same chemistry with Aiden. Poor Aiden Turner. Every actress he connects with leaves the show!

God, how I loved Angie and Jesse, but that story is over, isn't it?

What the heck is Frons promising these actually talented people to get them to come back to the clustersuck that is ABC daytime? I mean I'm excited..don't get me wrong...but I have to wonder.....

I only started watching AMC recently and liked Sabine Singh as Greenlee. I guess I'll have to see if the change works for me, since I mostly watch the show because of the fact Greens is paired with my fave hotty... AIDEN.

I'm pretty nonplussed, as you can see, because this is a show that I don't really pay much attention to. I'm kind of interested to finally see Rebecca Budig in action.

Finally I can go back and watch AMC, they trying to get it back together, recasting Greenlee was a mistake, Greenlee/ Rebecca is the only one that can play this part, it would take them a couple of years really to recast this part, while Singh try, she was not able to portray this charcther with strength that Rebecca does, Singh might be a good actress but has yet to be able to hold her own against the other actors, in all fairness she try, but the shoes were to big to fill at this time good luck to her but I can't wait to see Rebecca come back and give Erica hell, the way she does.

Rebecca Budig IS Greenlee, in all her disdainful, self-aggrandized, egocentric glory! But let us hope she fares better than Cady McC's Dixie . . . no poisoned pancakes please?

Aiden is beautiful I always said he being wasted on AMC, I think he show be on GH, a spy or something, I think in the long run Greenlee, and Kendall will contuine to have the fued, over Ryan, or maybe they might bring Leo, who knows.


Also, I totally remember when Jesse died. My was ironing and crying at the same time.

Er, that should read that my MOM was ironing and crying.

I do know that Darnell Williams played another character on The City... and that person hooked up with Debbi Morgan on the show. And I believe she played Angie on that show... unless I am wrong lol. So maybe Darnell Williams will play that guy.

Because seriously ABC daytime is going a wee bit overboard with the ghost theme.

Debbie Morgan is uber talented. I hope this return to Fronsland doesn't ruin her career and/or spirit. Speaking of spirits PLEASE don't make Jesse a ghost, again! I hate vets being brought back as new characters...Bill Eckert anyone? And whatever Sarah Brown Nostril Flares is coming back to GH as, ick in advance.

These press releases sound promising, but in actuality what are the odds this won't suck and even go so far as to ruin the heyday amazing memories of this supercouople. Anna and Robert? Holly and Luke/Robert, Noah and Bobbie etc...

Rebecca Budig was a great bitchy yet vulnerable Greenlee. Singh is good, but recasts are brutal in crucial roles.

Don't be too upset Sabine Singh, at least you aren't married to that goofy reality show dude who now props ABC soap fan events.

As for Aiden....why any soap writer can't find him a hot long term relationship is beyond me. I've never bought him w/ Greenlee and barely did with Di. He needs a REAL woman and fast.

Poison pancakes are pathetic, did Guza make them? If he would have served those at Kelly's we could have been spared the MC Hostage crisis and the B&W Ball. Now that would have saved ABC alot of money.

CGI Spoon Island & St Jasus and the Stormy Boat Ride vs. Bisquick! DUH FRONS $$$$$

Now Georgie is being sacrificed to FURTHER prop Lulu and mysogyny marches on all over Monica's professional career. First she loses the COS job to newbie Ford, and she freezes up during Alan's surgery (which she would never do with any other writer)and he dies to become Tracy's sidekick, and now after burying another child she nearly kills Luke on the table too.

Guza killed 6/7ths of her family and now he is destroying her career for no reason except women on GH are all stupid and useless unless they are mob molls.

AMC may be in a bad way, but most days it is less offensive than GH.

ACtually they get stupider if they are mob molls Sarah...cause you can't seem brighter than Jason or Sonny. how else do you explain the ex-wife of a COP and the DA not realizing you SHOULDN'T PICK UP A MURDER WEAPON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

But I have to agree with you...AMC has many issues but the rampant mysogeny of GH is not one of them....Why Erica is even allowed to be a successful business woman WHILE SHE IS MARRIED!!!! And her husband is generally supportive of this.....Who would have thunk it??????

The news that Rebecca Budig is returning as my favorite AMC character has pretty much made my soap opera life.

I guess that means I'll have to go back to watching AMC again.

Given the lack of work in L.A. right how I am not surprised she'd come back. Did you catch her on CSI last week? She was quite good .. but she's been out there a while and other than the CSI spot, I think she did one indy film and a made for TV .. not bad if you're 20 but she's mid-30s and sadly in L.A. that's old......I liked Sabine but she was never Greenlee .. I wish her well and I am sure like James Scott she'll end up somewhere else doing quite well.

I thought Sabine Singh did well in the role, for a recast of such an important character. I appreciated her work. That being said, I am excited for Rebecca to return to the role.

I've come to like Aiden & Greenlee and I hope the show keeps the pairing and that Aidan & Rebecca have chemistry.

Angie & Jesee? Whoa. I don't know what to think of that. Might be nice to have someone new in Tad's age range. I always liked Debbi and Darnell.

I flove Rebecca Budig, but I HATE Greenlee. What the writers did to her character during the Rylee Reign of Terror was unforgivable on it's own, but this? This Greenlee the kidnapping baby maimer being made into a victim crap that we've been suffering through? I don't know how the character will recover. Having Budig back certainly helps, but I have no faith that the writers won't screw this up beyond belief.

Still, though, Budig! Yay! I love her!

I too, think that Rebecca Budig is one of the cutest people on the planet, I loved catching glimpses of her in the audience at DWTS. And as far as Angie/Jesse goes, I remember when he was escorting Gillian to the afterlife a few years back, and at that point quite a lot of people in whatever forum I was frequenting at the time (me included) were willing to suspend quite a lot of disbelief to have him back on a permanent basis.

Her marriage to the hideous Bachelor Bob aside, I also love Li'l Budig. I think Sabine Singh did as well as she could do in a thankless storyline that overly glorified her relationship with Kendall and made her YET ANOTHER WOMAN unnaturally obsessed with Ryan Freaking Lavery and having his babies and making sure more of Ryan Freaking Lavery's DNA is trotting around. Hopefully Budig will inspire the writers to stop sucking ass.

Not pleased at all with the RB news. I love SS in the role. I think she's taking a major hit for some bad writing. Frons is an uber jackass for how he handled this entire situation. Not everyone is welcoming the return of original Greenlee.

Now the Angie/Jesse news is absolutely freaking awesome! I don't know how they will re-vive Jesse from the dead - but I loved them!

I'm so 'meh' on this. If Greenlee has to be on every day (and evidently she does) I suppose the actress shouldn't suck.

However, I resent that they're giving the character a total whitewash now primarily at Kendall's expense (Whoops! Spike's deafness has zip to do with the accident! Whoops! Kendall falls on Greenlee's new boytoy's appendage!)

I don't understand why Greenlee seems to be getting a pass for all the crap she pulled and how it destroyed Kendall, and now Kendall is the bad guy.

As for Jesse and Angie... I can only imagine what will happen with these awful writers in charge.

I'm also meh on the Greenlee news. The character had become some damn smug and annoying before Rebecca left that I was glad to see her go. Since her return, Greens became even worse and I don't want to watch Kendall apologizing to her while Greenlee once again takes no responsibility for her actions.

I am thrilled that Angie & Jessie are returning! I started watching AMC around 1980 when I was in junior high and they were one of my all-time favorite couples. I quit watching regularly about a year ago when they killed off Dixie but I will tune in for these two. I just hope the writers have a good storyline planned and don't use them to prop up some of the more annoying characters like Ryan, Babe, or Zach.

I again understand that a lot of fans like SS, but that role was hard for her, not only was Greenlee charcther hard for her but keeping up with other actor's who are more experience in daytime was a bit to much for her, in the future maybe another soap yes, but Greenlees no, It's been years that Kendall was recast and this young woman has done her best but my favorite Kendall was Sarah, and not because it was her, but the way she handle her self, they dish it and she bought it back, hey the first year she won and emmy, and walked, when a recast comes she has to take that charcther a step further and Ms. Singh has not been able to do this I sorry to her fans and friend it's a done deal Rebecca is back and we want our AMC, back with the best actors who can play these charcthers.


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