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December 09, 2007

General Hospital Week in Review

Here's my introduction to the Week in Review:  I hate this show.


I adore Alexis, and Diane has her moments of awesomeness, so of course the writers have to make them suck.

Their professional rivalry is just so over-the-top and ridiculous. Please promise me that if you ever see me react this way to a colleague getting a new client


or accept shoes in lieu of payment for professional services


or end a business meeting with a pout


that you will take me out back and beat some sense into me (without scuffing my shoes, which would of course be fabulous, and had been paid for with cash).

Now that they've torn down Kate, made Diane a caricature, given Robin the baby rabies, and continue their commitment to painting Alexis as the unlovable bitch, can we just get a final verdict from the soap judges on high that General Hospital is incapable of having any strong professional women characters?

I hate this show.


I try to avoid criticizing actors who are forced to play terrible storylines, but sometimes it's clear that regardless of the quality of the writing, an actor just isn't at the same level as those around her.  Such is the case with Nazanin Boniadi.  I just find her wholly unconvincing.  I don't know that she is a bad actress, period, but this role is a terrible mismatch for her.  That's especially obvious when she's in a scene with someone like Nancy Lee Grahn, who, let's face it, rocks everyone's socks off.



("Hear me roar."  Hee!)



You can see the inequity even in screencaps, right?  Even without a great scene partner you can:



Now, I love a good drunken soap scene.  Truly I do.  If you can't make a post-break-up, drunken night out scene in a shady bar fun, I don't know what to do with you.  Leyla's was snooze-worthy.

It does not help that Nazanin (or maybe Leyla - could this be an acting choice?), as many have noted, has this bizarre Eliza-Doolittle-post-makeover-in-My Fair Lady diction that is so distracting I can hardly focus on her performance.  Which is good most of the time, because it doesn't fare well under scrutiny.

Speaking of which, has there ever, in the history of the world, been a less rhythmic or sexy table dance?


I freaking loved, however, the girls' reactions.  Shock:


then horror:


Hee!  Those are both contenders for the Expression Hall of Fame

It really ticked me off that they had to go and ruin a fun girls' night out with Liz's horrible berating of Patrick.  As usual, with these writers, it's one step forward, 13 steps back.

I hate this show.


Well, Emily [note: who is dead] continues to be SUPER THRILLED about having been brutally murdered, possibly by the love of her life.





I don't understand how anyone thought any aspect of this storyline was a good idea.

Emily: Nikolas, if I told you that I love you more than life itself, would that mean anything?

No.  Because you're dead, you loon.

I hate this show.



I'm telling you right now, if I ever have the need for the services of a cardiologist, and he shows up in a concert tee and a ponytail, I reserve the right to pitch a hissy fit of epic proportions.

Of all the online petitions the various fanbases start, someone has to have one demanding that Dominic Rains cut his hair, right?  Or maybe we can do it just by the power of thought, and blog-based bitching.  I'd like to think that's what finally worked with Steve Burton!



The only way Kate's decorator could have been more of a French cliché would be if he were wearing a beret and eating brie.  What the hell was that?

I hate this show.


So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a "Georgie gets dressed with her eyes closed" line to go along with this screencap


but I decided not to use it because Lindze Letherman is suffering the ongoing indignity of having to play an unrequited crush on effing Spinelli, and I didn't want to contribute to her pain.  But I use it now to demonstrate that fashion-wise, things appear to be getting even worse.



I'm sorry, is that a hoodie sweatshirt, with gathered shoulders, and appliqued lace lapel panels?  Do any of the clauses in that sentence go together?  No, they do not.  That top is a travesty. 

At least her sister Maxie is looking adorable. 


Though there's the very real possibility that as of the end of Friday's show, she's Mostly Dead for the 17th time in the last two years, and it looks like they're going down the road of Cooper being the serial killer.


I hate this show.


GhostAlan is back.  (I know he claims he's not a ghost, but he's dead, okay?  I win.)  Will dead Alan run into his dead daughter in the hospital?  Will Tracy and Nikolas enter into a torrid May-December romance, fueled by their shared haunting by dead Quartermaines? 


I love Stuart Damon, and I was outraged by his firing.  But I really only tolerated GhostAlan for the Alan/Tracy/Luke scenes, and since he's supposed to be Tracy's conscience or some shit, now that Tracy has acknowledged the wrongness of what she did to Emily (to Monica, after Emily was dead, but still...), I think it might be time for Alan to be Truly Dead.  I can't even believe I'm typing this, but there are too fucking many ghosts on General Hospital right now.

I hate this show.


In case you're keeping track, yeah, I still think these two are pretty hot together.


Dammit.  I try to focus on his hair to remind me of the error of my ways.



When the haircut shows up on screen, I am in serious trouble.


I went back and forth, but I'm now reasonably certain I hated Kate's blazer early in the week.



And her blouse on Friday?  My grandmother is 93 and would deem it "too dowdy."


Megan Ward's hair, though? 


I'm pretty sure it could end the writers' strike.



Detective What'sHisFace is pretty hot, but where the hell did Det. Rodriguez go?  Come back, Cruz!



Jerry continues to skeeve me the fuck out.  First, he is flirting with the woman whose nephew he nearly killed, and for reasons still unclear to me he is walking around free despite the fact that Emily is dead and therefore he can't follow through with his retaliation plans if anyone turns him in as James Craig.

Second, his "I had no idea she was intoxicated!" bullshit about Leyla was thoroughly disturbing.



Yeah, she certainly looks sober and capable of deciding to have sex with a stranger.

Ewewewewewew.  I hate this show.


Elizabeth may have unfortunate highlights and a lamentable soft spot for a hired killer, and she may have had a seriously shrill harpy moment this week, but I continue to adore her bitchface.



Cameron comes by his mad skillz honestly. 


Greg Vaughn is devastatingly handsome.





(I love that last one.  It's so Zoolander.)  Lucky, however, I have a bone to pick with that dude.  Because he's doing the honorable thing by still wanting to raise Jake as his son, I am at least temporarily deprived of Carly finding out that Elizabeth had Jason's baby.  I was looking more forward to that than Christmas and my birthday combined. 


Lucky's dad Luke, meanwhile, has become that Chris Farley character in those old SNL "Superfans" sketches.  "Aaaaah.  I just had another heart attack.  That's my 22nd.  Pass the sausage and beer.  Da Bears!" 



I love him, but Tony Geary has become about as hammy as an over-the-top SNL sketch, too.  Is this his way of rebelling against crappy writing, now that he can't turn to a bad perm?

I hate this show.


Continuing the theme of crappiness foisted on Spencers . . . Lulu needs to stop hanging out with Spinelli.  His weirdness is catching.



It's bad enough the writers have decided to turn her into a mini-Carly, she shouldn't have to look like an asshole too. 

How bad was her Crappy Life Olympics routine with Johnny late in the week?  I see your paralyzed crazy father and raise you a catatonic mother!  So there!  Ugh. 

I hate this show.


"Let's talk babies."  Um, okay.  And a million fangirls squee!



Who has that kind of conversation in front of friends, though? 




Early in the week, while I was disappointed that the apparent Patrick-Robin reunion of last Friday wasn't going to happen, I thought at least they were maturing.  Patrick and Leyla broke up, Robin admitted that Leyla wasn't the reason she and Patrick had broken up, Patrick didn't slam Robin's decision to have a baby....I thought we were going somewhere!  But then everything got screwed up by the "Patrick is a selfish asshole for not wanting children" BS.  The writers' attempts to make me hate Patrick are not working.  Robin's desire to have a kid came on suddenly and then turned her into a crazy person.  To add on now her belief that Patrick is selfish for not "giving" her a child is really super-crazy and just make me remember when I didn't like Robin very much. 

Oh, Robin.  Remember when Robin came back from Paris a couple of years ago to fix Jason's brain, and increasingly became preachy and shrill, like Carly except smarter, shorter, and with fewer mobsters on her list of exes?  You know what fixed that?  Hooking her up with Patrick!  Kimberly McCullough is great, regardless of how unevenly they're writing her character, but seriously, Robin was getting really annoying!  As was one-dimensional Playboy Patrick.  They are good together, and why this show isn't making them their centerpiece couple is beyond me.

I feel like I should mention as often as possible that I absolutely will not stand for Bob Guza doing an HIV+ pregnancy storyline.  I forbid it!  Can you imagine?  Robin would get cured by Ghost Alan via a magical antidote that Emily (note: who is dead) picked up on Sonny's island, which she traveled to and from in 27 minutes, then Robin would give birth to Jason's child even though Jason had never donated sperm or slept with her because much like the man himself, Jason's sperm is strong and determined and magical and better than any other in the world.  But as the baby came out it would shoot Robin in the head.  Jason and Liz would raise Robin's kid, and Carly would comfort Patrick, who will be haunted by Robin's spirit, except for the times when she and Emily hit the outlet mall for apparitions on Long Island.

I hate this show.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


I LOVE your thoughts and opinions. I truly laugh out loud so hard that I scare myself--and probably my neighbors--LOL!

I am a diehard Patrick and Robin fan--and truly appreciate your admiration of Jason Thompson's look--but, I must agree with you--Robin's agreement to Liz's b--fest was bizarre and totally from "wayyyyyyy out in left field" One moment, she thinks Patrick could be an "amazing father" and the next he is a "selfish coward" and she applauded her so-called friends' abusive toward him (even though they are supposed still be in love, although they have different life goals, and wish each other happiness) because GH writers are too lazy to actually "dive into" the REAL reasons (fear of being like his father, fear of losing Robin and failing their child/her)Patrick is AFRAID to be a father. Well, GH writers may want me to hate Patrick and blame him for all of the mistakes he and Robin both made in their relationship (Yep, you read it correctly--Robin is NOT a saint--she DOES make mistakes that hurt people she loves. Anyone faint from that announcement from this "Robin & Patrick" fan? I know it can be shocking to some fans--LOL :)). However, as long as Jason Thompson pours his energy, emotion and passion into this character, I believe that Patrick will always have me waving my pompoms for him :)

Thanks again for speaking for me--You always seem to read my mind! LOVVVE the caps!


As usual, reading your blog is all the GH I need. You're telling me DeadEm actually said:

Emily: Nikolas, if I told you that I love you more than LIFE itself, would that mean anything?

Even without your wonderful commentary, that's unintentionally hilarious. I really can't comment on much of the rest because I don't know who this Leyla or Diane is. Oh, GH. 10 years ago, I never would have guessed that this would be your fate.

As a semi-unemployed student, I've had a lot of opportunities to watch the soaps the last few months. I've discovered that I can't stand any of them but one. I know One Life to Live is one of those shows you don't watch, but it's currently the only daytime soap I can watch for more than 10 minutes without wanting to commit homicide! (But is it really a crime if the victim is an idiot network executive, producer, or writer who causes the audience nothing but pain?)

I'm just happy I can turn on OLTL, my first soap love, and still recognize it as the show I first watched over 17 years ago (a pale imitation, perhaps, but still recognizable).

I turn on AMC or GH and I think, "Who the hell are these people, and what have they done to my show!" Hell, even characters still played by the same actors seem like strangers. I'll never forgive AMC for the existence of Fetus-boy or for ruining Tad by turning him into a hypocritical murderer. That show is so far down the crapper that it's floating in a sewage treatment plant.

The less said about GH, the better. I'm certainly not going to tune in to watch the murder of a legacy character. I can't imagine what the show-runners are thinking.

Just a quick suggestion. Can we hold off on all the initials and/or nicknames for couples? 90% of the nicknames are moronic, and typing initials (which could be either the character OR the actor) is lazy.

I think GH powers that be are seriously deluded into thinking that if they pair up Boniadi with the cast's strongest actors, she will step up and really perform. Or perhaps that the better actors will cover her deficiencies? I'm not sure. But, it is NOT working. They tried it first with putting her in with McCullough and Thompson, and she just brought everybody down. And now they are trying it with Grahn and Roche. It's just not fair to the poor actors who have the burden of trying to make scenes with her in it work. And seriously, if the great McCullough and the fabulous Grahn can't help this actress, who can? Next, I see them siccing her on Jane Elliot. Oh, god...

Jiz and Skate. i guess those are the couples TIIC are going with to be the center couples?

couldn't they have picked couples that...oh i don't know...actually have chemistry? and something ELSE to talk about? both these couples are always talking about the same effing thing.

Becca you had me laughing OUT LOUD at this blog! i agree with everything except for the Jiz chemistry.

GV is the hottest guy on the show (imo) and i don't understand why he isn't on more.

also, i hear a lot of hating on Jason around the boards (no complains here), so i really don't get how "popular" he is and his pairings...WTF?

this whole Luke/Tracy thing is getting old.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexis...why can't they just write for her, instead trying to make her look as bad as possible?

i wish deadEmily would just go away. go float away in your happyland or something.

i'm so over Robin's baby deal. just forget the damn baby thing for now and let yourself be happy with Patrick...who, unless you're blind, is freakin HOTT.

this show is a shell of what it once was...

I (and the broken toaster) heart you too, Beth R.

It would be a sad, sad sight if I had to defend a toaster...even if it did provide sweet, buttery toast. But then again, what did Jason ever provide? No one answer that.

Dang it Charlie take away all the fun why don't you! I was all set to list the things Jason has brought us like world peace and such and you had to stop my fun! But I do agree the toaster would be easier to defend! For example...you say don't talk about something...it won't talk about something!

Michelle....couldn't agree with you more on every single thought.


Mac and Alexis? Interesting possibility. Historically, would they have worked? (Not that it matters with this feckin' writing crew). Just can't remember how they related to one another when GH was, well, GH, and Mac was really Mac and Alexis was really Alexis.

Actually, I LOVE that people are so passionate and "serious" about their comments-it's AWESOME to have a place to come and vent and KNOW that not everyone is going to agree with me. I actually LOVE debate and disagreement-I think it keeps everyone on their toes. Hell, GH might still be watchable if someone would debate and disagree with the crack monkeys running this show.

No, rlplate, not ALL of Robin and Patrick's problems are Patrick's fault-but at least HALF are. But, as Patrick seems to get a free pass on all of his shit, for one or the other of a multitude of excuses that are made for him, I just thought I'd point out a few of his issues as well. I just don't recall all this outrage when PATRICK tried to change ROBIN'S mind about having a baby. I don't recall all of this talk of how it was disrespectful, etc., etc.. And I don't recall all this outrage when PATRICK attacked ROBIN at the ball because MAXIE did something to poor, defenseless Leyla. So I would definitely say there is a blinding bias where Scrubs fans are concerned....it's just not on the part of the RFF side of the equation.

Anne, they are trying to "make us hate Patrick"? My goodness, with the exception of last week, they've had everyone and their mother running around for years talking about how wonderful and brilliant and hot and perfect he is, what an amazing lover he is, what a wonderful father he would make, etc., etc.-they've FAVORED Patrick with the writing more often than not. Robin has actually taken a hit with the writing the VAST majority of the time. The thing is-certain actions on the part of a character make that character an asshole, regardless of how those actions are written.

And yes, Michelle, why don't we ALL give up our hopes and dreams and ambitions for a man who is HOTT?! And to think I've been raising my daughters wrong all these years.....

Becca and Mallory-thank you SOOOO much for providing a place for exchanges such as this. Okay, we're not going to resolve any major world issues here, lol, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Oh, and I just thought of something-of all the ones here who are on one side of Scrubs or the other, or who could not give a damn about Scrubs, it seems like EVERYONE hates Leyla! In fact, after Prop Week-we all seem to hate her EVEN MORE! LMAO!

Brett - would they work hisotrically? I have no idea. I admit it. But I love Mac and I love Alexis....and dang it why can't Mac have a woman? Or airtime but that's another rant entirely. I always got a kick out of them sparring during Alexis's tenure as Sonny's lawyer....my blinding hatred of all things mob related wasn't that bright during those times.....however I do admit I entertain highly fun thoughts of what a trianlge involving the police commissioner/lawyer/DA would bring......

I think Becca's blog entry is accurate except that Jason & Liz are disgusting and that sneering bitchface of Liz's is getting old.

I don't hate Leyla. It's worse. I am bored by her.

Marianne, my comment about them trying to make us hate Patrick came straight out of Becca's blog entry. "The writers' attempts to make me hate Patrick..." I was agreeing with Becca.

If we’re going to take this too seriously, can I play?

"The thing is-certain actions on the part of a character make that character an asshole, regardless of how those actions are written." Robin has fallen into that category several times over the course of the Scrubs relationship. This is all subjective you know?

Patrick "attacked" Robin about Maxie's treatment of Leyla? Attacked? That was an attack? Totally disagree. But if it was, then hey, they attack each other all the time. They fight. It's what they do and have done since the first moment. They handle each other’s “attacks” just fine.

It is your opinion that Robin has taken a hit the vast majority of the time. I think they've both gotten pretty rotten treatment from the writing. It seems to me that there has been plenty of outrage at Patrick and he has taken a beating around here when he has done some things. I don't care if you want to bitch about Patrick’s actions. Bitch on. But dude doesn't get a free pass. He is criticized all the time.

LOL! But I'm the one who's taking all of this too seriously? Okay, then.....

But, to answer your points:

1-You are absolutely RIGHT-there HAVE BEEN times when Robin was an asshole. And what did the writers have her do after those times? Let me think....Did she have her every action excused by the other characters on the show, putting all of her crap off on Patrick? No, that's not it...Wait, did she blame Patrick for all of her actions and refuse to take any responsibility whatsoever for her part in them? Hmm, no, that's not it either.....Oh, I've got it-SHE APOLOGIZED TO EVERYONE, REPEATEDLY, MOST ESPECIALLY PATRICK! Which tends to make me more forgiving of the things she does-because her character is written as realizing that she might, actually, be, you know, like a fallible human being? As opposed to thinking she's Jesus Christ, Neurosurgeon.

And I get that you were agreeing with Becca-excellent. Hell, I even partially agree with Becca-they are trying to prop Leyla at the expense of Patrick. He's EVIL GUY WHO USED THE POOR, INNOCENT WIDDLE NURSE, KNOWING HE LOVED ANOTHER (and there is so much that is historically inaccurate about that, both on GH and NS, that I could just pitch a bitch-well, a bigger bitch-but that's a rant for another time). And it's not working-because I watched every nausea-inducing moment of the Patrick/Leyla interaction *shudders*, and she had every bit as much to do with that hell as he did. HOWEVER, they then tried to redeem Patrick slightly this week at the expense of Robin-he got bitched out by Liz (which he deserved, I still maintain-just not for the baby issues) for something he shouldn't have, he got picked on by the other girls, mean ol' Robin tried to talk him into having a baby when he doesn't want to. So, of course, Patrick is now the poor, put-upon schmoopie, while Robin is the judgmental, controlling bitch. So I agree with Becca in that they DO want us to hate Patrick so that we will like Leyla, but I disagree in that I think they want us to hate Robin more than we hate Patrick.

And YES, I view an unprovoked, unwarranted verbal assault, complete with arm jerking and the like, against an innocent party as an "attack". ESPECIALLY when there has been NO apology for the things he said to her during said attack-even though SHE apologized to HIM for the things she said, which weren't half as heinous (and were twice as truthful) as those he said to her. And a FIGHT is when there are equally responsible parties who have decided, equally, to instigate an altercation with one another. That's not what happened at the ball. But, to quote you, this stuff is subjective, you know?

And I didn't SAY Patrick got a free pass from everyone-just you. In fact, I would say that Becca and Mallory have been equally scornful and critical of both Robin and Patrick. In fact, there were many times I didn't even need to rant against Patdick after Nightshit (no, that's not a typo), because I could come here and read a rant about everything that was wrong with him on that show-not to mention myRobin's detours to Of The Crazy Land-only more eloquently and humorously framed than I could have done.

And one MORE thing-I should have said everyone on here, regardless of their stance on other issues, EXCEPT ANNE, seems to hate Leyla. Better?

I hate to be a party pooper, but you guys, I'm not that smart and have the attention span of a gnat and therefore cannot keep up with these epic comments. Shorter and sweeter, please. Well, not sweeter -- the bitter the better, you know. But shorter would be fab, so that the rare person who tries to read in between work tasks (not that that's any of you) can actually read them. Thanks!

Marianne, I've only been posting here for a few days so what would you know about me giving anyone a free pass? I didn't give Patrick a free pass. I barely mentioned him. i only decided to take it seriously because you obviously wanted to.

I didn't watch Nightshift. Maybe that changes my perception. For the record, Patrick has apologized. He has apologized to Robin many times. And she has apologized to him. They both apologize. I think they are a lot more equal than you do. That is all.

Can the women on GH have friendships that don't involve getting drunk?

If Emily isn't dead, what is she? Besides totally creepy of course?

Does this mean that if I got one of my fondest GH wishes that Sonny & Jason would die, we would still be stuck with them, too?

Newbies on this show are like shiny new toys for the writers, yes?

"Shorter and sweeter, please. Well, not sweeter --"

Yeah, Becca. I'm not always as succinct as I'd like to be, but at the very least, shouldn't comments be shorter than the original post? And while I'm sticking my neck out, I wish people wouldn't get into arguments here; that's what Soapzone is for! No insult to anyone is intended; these are just my opinions, and it's totally up to Becca & Mallory set the rules.

"Does this mean that if I got one of my fondest GH wishes that Sonny & Jason would die, we would still be stuck with them, too?" - Anne, the fun newbie

LOL - good one.

I wouldn't even mind if we could at least watch HALF a show where characters are not interacting or singing the praises of these woeful mobsters.

I am also so in agreement with a Maxis (Mac and Alexis) pairing. That would be great! Wonderful idea Beth R. Michelle, I totally agree with you. And Charlie, you must love good toast. LOL!

well, did you actually expect me to analyze this show based on real-life?

as a soap opera viewer watching a fictional, alternate reality tv program, i would much rather see a beautiful, successful, and otherwise normal woman be happy with a hot man that truly loves her, instead of walking around whining about not being able to have a baby, when we is perfectly able to, just not able to on HER timing.

Anne, you are so funny! i share your sentiments about Sonny and Jason. wish they would die, but we run the risk they'll come back as ghosts.

Well, lol, I'm pretty sure I can't be any sweeter, as I'm pretty much a natural born bitch, but I'll try shorter, okay?

No one's taking this seriously, Anne-initially, I was just blowing off steam. You made some points, I made some counterpoints because most comments seem to be in support of Patrick (which is cool, because there have been plenty of times when most were in support of Robin) to even it up a little. That's it.

Had I been aware that I was supposed to analyze you for several months and log the number of times you gave Patrick a free pass vs. the number of times you called him on shit, then provide a scientifically accurate record of the data collected before I said that you always gave him a free pass, I wouldn't have said anything. But allow me to correct myself-the comments you have made have been seriously dissing Robin and excusing every one of Patrick's actions.

Name three times, in the last six months, where Patrick has apologized for something heinous he did.

Michelle, no show that I want to watch has a character that I love giving up everything they want to keep a sexy man-that's not analyzing it based on real life, it's analyzing it based on what *I* as a viewer want to see. Further, if we're going to take that approach, since it's not real life and, therefore, does not impact anything based on the message it sends, I suppose you would be okay, when it comes time for the baby, if HIV+ Robin and Patrick just conceived the natural way? And Robin, as the character is written, does NOT have all the time in the world to have children-she has a potentially terminal illness that could limit her life span, and any time she would have with a child, fairly significantly.

Um, guess that wasn't all that much shorter, huh? Sorry-I will work on being more concise before the next entry. As it looks like ALL MOB, ALL THE TIME WEEK this week, plus they're killing off myGeorgie, it will probably be much easier-example, F-YOU, GUZA! YOU'RE F'ING SHOW F'ING SUCKS!

Becca as always love your column.

I’m with you, I hate this show too. At this point I am only waiting to see if they really fire Guza, otherwise I’m out of here!

As for Greg Vaughn the only charitable thing we can say about him is that he is gorgeous and since he is [note: acting and I’m sorry to use that word for the other actors] in a soap, saying it is quite redundant!

I’m still thinking that Helena has the real Lucky because this perpetual whiner and looser is not it!

Personally I think that the GNO goal was to make us feel sorry about Patrick he got quite a beating by going after Leyla and not just for sex! Suddenly Robin does not respect his freedom NOT to have children, ya right!

I hate this show!

you know what?

i'm not gonna let you convince me of how i feel about the show, nor am i going to try to explain my point or my true feelings about "a woman giving up ALL her dreams for a man b/c he's HOT", because no matter what you'll find something wrong with it. i don't need to justify my opinion.

if it really makes you feel better to pick apart every comment everyone makes, go right ahead!

i'm just going to enjoy this show that i'm strangely loyal to, even when i don't like the storylines or many of the characters, the best i can--which is through blogs and sites like these.

Becca, i'm looking forward to your next blog. i find myself looking forward to them almost immediately after watching the show!

Oh, good Lord! No one is trying to convince you of anything-it really has zero consequence in my life what you think about the show or anything else. As I explained, I was simply making counterpoints to the points you made-there were a ton of comments in support of Patrick (which, again, is cool with me-plenty of times on here Patrick has gotten his ass handed to him by commenters-and I had no problem with people attempting to defend him), and I thought I would attempt to even things out. If I came across as a bit patronizing in my comment, I do apologize-however, it was in direct relation to the comment where you reminded me that "it's a soap opera and I didn't realize we were analyzing this based on real life", where you were quite patronizing. And I'm not picking apart ANYONE's comments to antagonize anyone-I'm just making observations, based upon the comments of others, in support of Robin as a character. That's it.

But I do concur on one point of your post-I, too, can't wait to read Becca's next blog, wherein I'm sure she will have something to say regarding Guza's lovely Christmas gift of a dead teenager. What's next? Kristina ritualistically tortured for Valentine's Day? Perhaps Robin or Alexis torture-murdered for Easter? Cassius the orderly reads the Christmas story next year as a new mob war breaks out in front of the nurses' station and half of the Pediatrics Ward gets mowed down? I just....how in the HELL do these assholes still have jobs?! That's a rhetorical question, by the way-I might as well ask why the sky is blue or why Britney is such a moron.

Okay, seriously, people: you must chill.

Let's stop criticizing, point by point, comments that disagree with your favorite character/storyline/actress/whatever. It's incredibly rude, for starters, and it's selfish to expect that everybody is going to fall in line with your thoughts and views. Every reader here is entitled to their opinion on anything and they shouldn't feel the need to defend themselves with a list of exhibits and notarized paperwork showing why they feel a certain way.

Also, it's tremendously tiresome for other readers to have to sit through endless back and forth arguments that take up half the page.

Seriously: when we start picking apart other people’s comments more severely than we do the writers of these shows, the terrorists and Brian Frons have won. Remember that!

Here's something that has mangled my understanding of everything that is good and true:

Apparently, Spinelli is the ONLY one in Port Charles who knows how to pronounce "Iran." I'm gonna go take a pill and lie down.

Oops, of course, I meant "Iraq." That's what I get for watching public television right before reading SerialDrama.

Sorry-wasn't trying to be rude, and I swear I wasn't trying to make ANYONE fall in line with my personal views, just stating my opinion. I thought the commenters whose posts I quoted made some good points for debate, and I did not realize that it would be troublesome to anyone. I will refrain from debate here in the future. Thank you for this blog and your humor-I suspect we will all need it over the next week or so, with the lovely holiday "surprises" Guza has planned for us.

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